Drinking Too Much Water Can Turn To Be Dangerous

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Drinking Too Much Water Can Turn To Be Dangerous

Elders and doctors often recommend us to drink plenty of water as it has numerous health benefits. A person can go longer without food but not without water. You must have come across the phrase, “too much of a good thing can be poisonous”. This can be related to drinking too much water. Most of us think that the more water we drink the healthier we are. But the fact is that, drinking too much water can push us to a dangerous condition called water intoxication. In this article, you will explore the causes, symptoms and risks of drinking too much water.

Causes of Water Intoxication

One of the main job of sodium is too balance the level of fluids around the cells. Drinking too much water causes an imbalance in the concentration of electrolytes that includes sodium and potassium. Thus, the liquid from the blood moves inside the cells. This leads to swelling of cells. Low concentration of sodium is referred as hyponatremia. We all know that sodium and other electrolytes are responsible in the proper functioning of muscles. A slight imbalance in the electrolytes can cause serious health problems.

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Symptoms of Water intoxication


  • The common warning sign of water intoxication is nausea. The person feels like vomiting as his stomach will not be able to hold the excess quantity of water.
  • The other symptoms include fatigue, headache, vomiting, irritation, disorientation, slurred speech, restlessness and more.
  • Excess water intake can also cause bloating and swelling of hands and feet.
  • Muscle cramps is also a symptom which is usually experienced by athletes.
  • In some severe cases, over hydration can also lead to seizures, respiratory arrest, coma or even death.

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Treatment for Water Intoxication

If the condition is not much serious, then you can control by reducing the intake of fluids.

Including a small amount of salty foods like tomato juice, cheese, chicken, pickle, etc. can also be helpful if you have lost more electrolytes by sweating.

In severe cases, it is recommended to see the doctor without any further delay.

Who Is At Risk Of Drinking Too Much Water?

Athletes are at the highest risk of drinking too much water. This is because they lose lots of sodium through sweating. Drinking more plain water and not replenishing the lost electrolytes increases the chances of water intoxication.

How Can You Prevent Water Intoxication?

The simple way of preventing the risk of water intoxication is drinking water only as much as you need. Athletes can prevent the risk of water intoxication by weighing themselves before and after performing. This will help them to determine how much water they have lost and how much more they need to replenish.

If you are participating in sport like marathon, focus on drinking water only as much fluids you lose due to sweat during the competition. It is also recommended to intake sports drinks which includes electrolytes. These tips also apply to those who work outdoors in hot conditions.

Hope this article was helpful in understanding the risks associated with drinking too much water and how you can prevent it. Drink water to satisfy thirst. This will prevent water intoxication plus dehydration.

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