Side Effects of Abortion

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As lifestyles are changing, one practice becoming increasingly common is abortion. It is one of the most heartbreaking, traumatizing and compelling things any woman undergoes. During the process, not only does a lot of her nutrient balancing suffer, emotionally too she is completely drained. However, it well known that abortion, as a medical procedure, has many, many side effects. Although these effects vary from person to person, they are an inherent item in the package of this surgical method.

Basic side effects:

Some post-operation effects which, as per studies, almost 90% of the women face are:

  • Unfathomable pain – this comes without saying that when one’s uterus wall begins to shed after becoming thickly lined on fertilization, immeasurable pain can be expected. This also leads to excessive bleeding, which tends to drain important nutrients from her body.
  • Infection – quite a few sensitive patients often develop infection after surgery. This might happen due to exposure to certain bacteria, etc. most infections tend to bring out high temperatures too. These might also happen due to retention of any pregnancy product being left inside, like the amniotic sac or the placenta.
  • Diarrhea and vomiting – because of hormonal and nutritional changes in the body, it is natural for the regular digestive and bowel system to go off path, which results in vomiting and diarrhea. Certain food items also aggravate nauseous tendencies and thus, must be avoided.

Perhaps, more than any of the above mentioned purely physical problems, what a woman goes through emotionally is the most damaging and scarring.

  1. They might fall a victim to depression and forget to see things in positive light after the heartbreaking loss of losing a child.
  2. Due to the constant squeamish feeling inside the tummy, they might stay irritated at all times.
  3. They might start fearing intercourse, linking it with pregnancy and the horror of another abortion, although this is not the case with majority of the patients.
  4. She might be having recurrent nightmares, affecting her on a deep subconscious level, which might have adverse effects on any future issue that she might want. It is at this time that she needs the support of her loved ones the most.

Overcoming this stage of unhappiness:

A natural path toward healing, in the true sense, is perhaps the most advisable solution for a woman who has just undergone abortion. Given her weak physical condition, it is very ill-advised for her to take medication to fight the after effects of abortion. Instead, things like doing yoga, breathing exercises, taking walks, getting to know oneself spiritually, and most importantly, spending time with people who make her happy is the true solution to this depressing phase. Talking to experienced people r trained professionals is also a good option. They will know what it is that is bothering the woman since they have been through the same things.

Of course, with time, things will get better and the wound will dry up, but till then, it is very important to be surrounded by good, positive vibes.

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