Why Abortion is popular but should not be in Practice

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Why Abortion is popular but should not be in Practice

Everybody knows that medical science development has skyrocketed and a lot of previously unimaginable stuff is now possible. Yes, abortion is an age old practice, but with time it has proliferated and experienced an alarming incline as time passes why. It is easy to get pregnant if not cautious enough and maybe because of the facility of abortion, unwanted pregnancy is not that huge a threat anymore.

However, there are many reasons why abortion should be avoided at all costs, considering its disadvantages and side effects.

What is abortion?

Abortion is basically either surgical or medical termination of pregnancy. It removes the fertilized egg and empties the pregnant uterus before the 28th week of pregnancy hits. It is quite a risky procedure, but one which has been gaining popularity because of the huge number of success it boasts of. It can be natural, i.e., miscarriage, or it can be intentionally induced, i.e., surgically or medically done.

It is encouraged in certain cases where it is sure to bring unhappiness, for instance, when doctors are sure that there is an extreme deformity in the developing fetus, or when it poses a threat to the woman’s life.

But there are many reasons as to why this practice should be discouraged:

  • Physical trauma: First and foremost, because of the physical stress that it will put the mother through. Her body will experience severe hormonal and nutritional changes which might even lead to abortion in certain cases.
  • Emotional stress: The mother will be so traumatized and empty that she will not be able to pull herself together for a lot of time. It might lead to psychiatric conditions like depression etc. also, it could complicate future prospects by damaging the reproductive system of the mother’s body.
  • Human rights: Above all, abortion is nothing but killing life. No form of killing can ever be considered morally and ethically right

It is not so much about the consequences, but on a larger level, it is more about the bleak truth that one has killed a life even before it came into the world. Nobody has given one the right to kill someone off just because of personal interests. It is wrong on so many levels. Above all, the ‘what if’ factor will always nag the mother; she will always think about what would have happened if that life had bloomed, and this will lead to severe mental pressure on her.

Preventing abortion:

Yes, there might be unwanted pregnancy but abortion is not the only way out. In developing countries, a large chunk of the population is not aware enough to make informed choices. They should be taught about the various methods of contraception, which are in some ways better than abortion, since they kill the egg before it starts to really develop. People who do not wanted pregnancies can also go for permanent birth control, or for a specific time span. In such cases, it is ensured that no pregnancy will occur, and thus, no inhuman activities will take place.

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