Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer

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Causes and Prevention of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is one of the dreadful diseases which is on the rise today. It is the most common form of diseases among women resulting in death. The continuous growth of malignant cells in breast tissues causes cancer. Breast cancer starts from the inner lining of the milk glands also called as the ductal glands.

Causes of Breast Cancer

Though the exact reason for this disease is unknown, medical researchers and doctors have been able to narrow it down to many possible reasons. Some of these include; age, genetic or hereditary reasons, dense breasts,consumption of birth control pills, abortion, obesity, vitamin D deficiency, exposure to radiation, hormone replacement surgeries or cosmetic implantation and malignant breast tissue lumps. Women who carry genes such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 are more susceptible to breast and ovarian cancer. Having a close relative, grandmother, mother or a sister suffering from cancer increases a person’s chance of inheriting it. Alcohol or tobacco consumption, smoking, consumption of high calorie diet, sedentary lifestyle, not having children or having a child post age of 35, using hair dyes and deodorants directly on the skin are some of the other causes of breast cancer. It is also said that women having a longer duration of menstruation cycle starting before the age of 12 and menopause occurring after the age of 55 are also prone to developing breast cancer.

Preventive Measures

There are some measures which one can take to eliminate or at least reduce chances of breast cancer. Women should go for regular health checkups and select a package which has breasts tests such as mammogram tests. Women should check for unusual signs such as difference in breast size and shape, lumpy feeling in any particular area on or near breasts and in the underarm area and observing nipples for any discharge or blood and swollen or breast reddishness. If any of the above symptoms occur then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Regular exercise, breathing exercise and yoga which improves blood circulation in the body, diet control including lot of greens and vegetables, eating fruits especially berries such as strawberries, plums, raspberries which are rich in antioxidants,avoiding oily and fatty food, reducing meat intake, drinking green tea which acts as an antioxidant, avoiding foods which have a lot of preservatives and consume natural juices instead of aerated juices and cold drinks are some of the preventive measures.

If in spite of all these measures you or your family member develops breast cancer then surgery can be done to remove the infected breast and avoid the cancer cells from spreading to different parts of the body. There are different surgical procedures such as partial or complete mastectomy and lumpectomy. If cancer is diagnosed and is in its initial stages then medication, chemotherapy and radiation could be suggested by the oncologist.

Making changes to your lifestyle, food habits, walking or working out regularly, following your doctor’s instructions and most importantly observing unusual changes in your body can reduce the risk of breast or any other cancer.

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