Infertility in men and women: Causes and Treatment

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Infertility in men and women: Causes and Treatment

A simple definition of infertility is the inability to bear a child and this could be due to ovary or sperm related disorders. For couples who are not able to conceive after multiple attempts could mean that either one of the partner is facing infertility issues. Either the male partner has a low sperm count or sperm motility or the woman has menstrual disorders and ovulation concerns. These are the two most known and common causes of infertility in men and women respectively.

Signs and causes of infertility in men and women

Though there are not many physical proofs, there is one sign in men which helps understand the cause of infertility in men. Having undescended testicles is a common physical sign. This can be a birth defect or can be caused by wearing tight pants. This could affect the sperm production and motility since the passage for free flow blood circulation is obstructed or tightened. Being overweight and inactive can also cause infertility issues. Sperm count can reduce drastically for chain smokers or tobacco addicts. Sexual dysfunction such as ejaculatory issues is one of the main reasons of male infertility.

Common signs of infertility in women are irregular periods or missing periods and being obese or underweight can cause difficulty in getting pregnant. Infertility is a higher among women who are more than 35 years old and overweight. Lack of minerals and vitamins in underweight women can cause infertility problems. Overweight women tend to have hormonal imbalance which leads to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) symptoms. PCOS obstruct the production of eggs in the ovary and female reproductive system does not function properly. Blocked fallopian tubes or the reproductive organ like the uterus not positioned correctly could also be another reason. A woman who faces multiple repeated miscarriages can also be considered to be infertile. Uterine fibroid, narrow cervix and Endometriosis are some reasons in women.

Other signs of infertility in men and women are consumption of alcohol, tobacco and cigarette smoking. Exposure of reproductive organs to x-rays, radiation and excess heat can also cause infertility.

Preventive measures and treatment

It is mandatory for couples to observe signs of infertility when they have been trying to conceive for a long period. Some couples may find it difficult to understand the exact reason since nothing is visible physically. In this case, both partners should visit an infertility clinic and consult a doctor in time to undergo medications and treatment. Infertility issues can be treated with medication, hormonal treatments and sometimes even by surgery. Options such as artificial insemination, intrauterine insemination and IVF treatments are also recommended if the natural way of conceiving does not work.

Diet including Vitamin C, foods rich in antioxidants, zinc, calcium and vitamin D are recommended by doctors. Caffeine should be reduced or stopped totally if you are trying to get pregnant. Detoxification through fruit juices and green tea is good for the body and reproductive organs to function well.

Routine exercise, balance food habits, sufficient and proper sleep, managing stress by doing Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, taking regular health supplements as suggested by your doctor and regular health checkups can eliminate or cure infertility issues.

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