7 Mind-blowing Facts about DNA

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7 Mind-blowing Facts about DNA

DNA is just amazing! Just a drop of blood or a lock of hair or a few drops of saliva, your genetics can be traced to Scandinavia or Senegal. You can trace the hidden family tree and find your unknown relations. The genetic mapping is so complex, yet it is quite intriguing. Here is some must to know mind-blowing facts about DNA!


We are Neanderthals

Every individual carry a similarity of 20% to 40% similar to Neanderthals. It is almost several billions years since Neanderthals became extinct, yet we still carry the traces in our DNA.

You are a 300000 Year Old Species

Yes. DNA enables tracing the similarity of the living species up to 300000 years old. You carry the DNA of a species, (it could be human or any weird animal) that existed over 300000 years ago!

Humans – Advanced Version of Chimpanzee

Human beings are nothing but an advanced and evolved version of Chimpanzee. The truth is revealed by DNA! When you examine the DNA of a chimpanzee and an individual, the DNA matches up to 98%! Isn’t that intriguing?

Unity with Very Mild Diversity

A 10 year old boy living at the south corner of a world in a tiny village is just like a president or prime minister of a country. A dusky skinned beauty shares the similar DNA with white skinned beauty. The percentage of similarity is marked at 99.9% alike! Mind-blowing! You, me, your mommy, a stranger, the person you hate the most, etc have common DNA. The 0.01% makes the DIFFERENCE!


The sequence of the DNA is termed as GENOME. We have around 3,000,000,000 DNA bases existing in the world, nothing but 3 billion genomes. Storing the 3 billion genomes would consume the space of 3GB space.

Genome Consumed 50 years

It almost took 50 years to complete typing a rough copy of human genome. If one person works for 8 hours a day, types at the speed of 60 words per minute, it would consume 50 years of work to complete typing the human genome. DNA genome has been analyzed to find the causes as well as remedies for the diseases.

Different DNAs Fetch Healthy and Intelligent Child

It is all that 0.1% DNA that makes a colossal difference! Different genetic codes attract men and women. The differences in DNA lead to giving birth to a healthy and smart child. Men could actually smell the DNA of a woman when kissing.

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