What is the Normal Size of Penis in Adults?

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What is the Normal Size of Penis in Adults?

What is the normal size of penis in adults? A most complicated question that is. A lot of studies and researches tried to find the answer – normal size of penis in adults!

The findings about the size of the penis exasperated and exaggerated mainly due to myriad of varying information spread everywhere. Men are curious to know about the average size of the penis, to ensure whether the size of the penis is big enough to satisfy their partners. Besides, the porn industry as well the market for adult pills and products, pushed dubious information about the enlargement of penis, for better intimacy and sexual satiation.

Before looking about the normal size of the penis, size of penis (whether it is in normal state or aroused / erected state) doesn’t matter when it comes to fulfilling the sexual desires of your partner. Size is just immaterial, whether big or small. Looking at one’s own penis and making a dubious (and almost baseless) comparison with others make men feel much inferior about the small size of penis. This makes them reinforce false information about size of penis.

Size of penis varies at different states. Even during an erection, the size may increase or decrease based on the environment, mood, food, temperature, frequency of the sexual activity, etc.

According to many scientific papers, on an average basis, normal size of penis in adults range from 12 centimeters to 15 centimeters at an erected state. Similarly, circumference of the flaccid expands from 9 centimeters to 12 centimeters. Flaccid length or size of the penis is absolutely immaterial when it comes to an erected penis.

Almost 50 percent men believe that their penis is too small, both in flaccid and erected size. Surprisingly, from 80 to 85 percent women don’t really care about the size of the penis. Also, the studies revealed that women do care more about the width of the penis and not about the how large the penis is. It is because the tiny stimulating elements are found very close to the vaginal point, which indeed feels pleasurable. So, men’s worry about pleasing the women based on the penis size is completely misplaced.

Worrying about penis size is not a new concern for many men in the current era. The concern has been carried down by men counterpart for ages. Even in the folklores and ancient tales for adults, private concerns about size of penis have been described.

Just said earlier, size is nothing as long as men get erection and doesn’t suffer from premature ejaculation.

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