4 Reasons to Avoid Raw Food Diet

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4 Reasons to Avoid Raw Food Diet

Changing food habits for better? Trying to include more raw foods as major portions of your meal? Read this now before you munch on raw foods.

Raw food madness, nothing but eating bunch of veggies as salads and fruits has been popular for quite some time now. It is widely believed that best eaten form of food is raw! We are not against eating fresh produce, but eating the raw foods as your diet, for all the day doesn’t really help you. Rather, it makes more harm to your body.

Why should avoid raw food diet?

Raw foods take more energy to digest


In general, raw foods are cold foods. Foods in cold nature take more energy to digest. Your digestive system consumes more energy from you. Further, it also the naturally reduce heat quotient in the body. Eating salads may compress your hungry and keeps you fuller for a long time. The reason behind the same is it takes more time to digest the salads. When you eat salads occasionally to cut down the calories, it is good. Low energy levels with weak digestive system impact your reproductive organs too! Besides, you will feel tired and exhausted all the day!

Poor Digestive Function and Digestive Disorders

In continuation with the above fact, more energy consumed by the body affects the digestive process, leads to mal-absorption of nutrients and leads to many stomach disorders. Simply it makes the digestion too hard as so the digestive organs. Glassiness of stomach, bloating, food allergies, poor immunity, etc may affect you.

Raw foods are big no to those with any medical conditions, especially any stomach ailments.

Risk of Hypothyroidism is obvious

Hypothyroidism, the inactive or low-active thyroid gland with insufficient secretion of thyroid hormones is seen everywhere from kids to grannies. In most raw food diets, cruciferous vegetables make major portions. Risk of hypothyroidism is very high when you eat more cruciferous vegetables like Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, sprouts, etc.

Poor Nutrition

Cooked foods retain the nutrition value and can be absorbed very easily than in raw foods. It is true that cooking foods using different methods may result with loss of micronutrients and minerals. Yet, the nutritional value of raw foods is not absorbed fully by the body. When the food is cooked, it is easy on stomach and you can easily get the nutrients.

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