Treatment for Obesity

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Treatment for Obesity

Dangers of taking drugs for weight control

Who would like to spent time on time –consuming exercise or follow as strict diet to loose weight when attractive offers to reduce weight are available for the asking in the form of obesity pills and the like? It is disturbing to know what even physicians often prescribe these drugs to those to wish to reduce without any effort. Slimming drinks devoid of essential nutrients but much advertised as a nourishing drink, are also attracting many especially the women.

Using various drugs is not correct method of reducing weight. These drugs can be classified in three groups-1. diet pills, 2. hormones and 3. diuretics. These are the common drugs which are available over the counter with or without prescription. These drugs come in the form of anorectic pills, diuretics and thyroxin.

Slimming pills reduce hunger and have a rational use if the overweight person is keen to diet but cannot stop eating because he is hungry.

Anorectics do not produce weight loss by stimulating metabolism, they only do so by reducing appetite. People who take these drugs are prone to extreme fatigue and weakness. The weight loss does not produce a healthy appearance due to over-tiredness resulting from insufficient nourishment. After the initial loss of weight there is no further reduction in the weight. The loss of energy due to inadequate nourishment to the body us beyond proportion to the loss of weight. It is always found that people taking slimming pills lose heart after a few weeks. They eat with a renewed vigour thinking, that in order to lose weight, they should not lose their health and fall ill. Fall ill, they certainly will, as well as gain double the weight compared to when they started taking the slimming pills.

Diuretics – These drugs eliminate fluids form the body. Our body contains 70 percent fluids which is necessary for our metabolism. Diuretics have no place in dieting, for it is the fat and not fluids that must be removed. Dehydration by mechanical means or by diuretics may reduce the weight in boxers to correct weight but they are absolutely of no use to those who want to reduce fat.

Hormones {Thyroxin} – This drug was occasionally used at one time but more often nowadays. We must understand that it is of no use as it is ineffective and also dangerous. Hormones taken on a regular basis, increase the possibilities of getting cancer be cured.

Role of oral contraceptives in obesity

The use of oral contraceptive pills has become widespread from the early 60s. The pills’ ill effects are usually very much delayed and even after stopping the pill, there may be lingering effects. The aim of these contraceptives is to interfere with the natural functions of the sex hormones. When the hormone’s secretions are disturbed, the effect is felt on the body’s fat metabolism. Some contraceptives are hormones themselves.

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