Is Only Eating Salads and Drinking Fluids Safe For Life?

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Is Only Eating Salads and Drinking Fluids Safe For Life?

The buzz is all about healthy eating now! With so many dreadful health concerns and extra consciousness about health, more and more are resorting to healthy eating. Eating salads is definitely healthy. In fact regular intake of salads as one of the major meals or snacks is the best way to cut down calories, get more fiber in your diet and lose weight.

Salads and liquids, especially the fresh fruit juices and natural drinks like tender coconut aren’t sufficient and safe for life. The major reason is they are just inadequate foods, fail to provide all essential nutrients required by a human.

Salads are rich in vitamins, especially B vitamins and moderately high in fiber. Eating fresh produce is good and healthy but they are a part of the meal plan, cannot make the complete diet. When it comes to breakfast, eating a portion of a salad is recommended and the same is for lunch. You cannot eat the salads for the whole day without eating other types of food.

Eating fresh salads keeps your hunger pangs satiated for a longer time. Besides, it reduces the intake of junk foods or fried foods. Packed with nutrients, salads can fulfill the missing nutrition needs.

Why eating only salads and fluids are not safe for life?

  • Eating salads may make you malnourished for other nutrients (salads are still healthy but not a complete food)
  • You don’t get enough energy from eating salads – You may believe that salads reduces the food cravings, but remember that it should be a part of your diet. When you just eat veggies, you will start losing your energy
  • Eating low fat and low carb foods without intake of other foods are not recommended
  • Salads are unhealthy too! Salads with dressings are high in fat and sugar, which turns out to be an unhealthy food
  • Eating raw foods may cause some allergies
  • A few salads are dangerous. You may believe that grabbing a salad from a snack bar is healthy choice. However, the danger is they may be more harmful than doing you good.
  • The digestion process may get altered. Most of the salads are alkaline based foods, so your body naturally lacks the acid requirement in the body, which harm the digestive process.
  • Fruit juices and other natural juices are meant to curb down your thirst providing additional nutrients.
  • Excessive intake of fluids, even if it is healthy is harmful.

A well-balance diet should comprise of foods from all sources, grains, veggies, fruits, proteins, etc. Eating salads and liquids should be considered a major supplement or a part of your diet, not your diet at all!

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