Water Cure for Obesity

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Water Cure for Obesity

Water any form is beneficial to children and adults alike. Young children take every opportunity to play with water. School going children are often found to sneak out of the house before their parents ask them to take an umbrella or rain coat when they go to school. Playing with a running tap, playing in water, drinking to their heart’s content, splashing water with their tiny hands, all these activities hold a charm for them. Try taking them to the beach or near a pool and they immediately run for the water to play or swim in. This comes out of the natural instinct to enjoy the refreshing water which stimulates our body to a new freshness and health.

Some children enjoy bathing so much that they refuse to come out of the bathroom or bath tub. On the other hand, some children as they grow old have a dislike for water. They avoid bathing and it takes lot of scolding and cajoling to make them take bath.

Perhaps it is this type of children who fall sick more often in their adulthood. To such persons, if they are made to realize treatment will not be acceptable. But if they are made to realize that water treatment will help the elimination of the accumulated toxins more effectively in a reducing programme, they will definitely begin to enjoy water treatment to reduce weight.

Fitness and health clubs are the places where people go to reduce weight. Steam bath and sauna baths are available at almost all health clubs. There are also Nature Cure Centre where various forms of water treatment are available. But where is the time or energy or even that much money that so many people are short of? Water cure in their own bath and bed room is the excellent solution for such persons.

Water when applied to the body stimulates the endocrine glands. This helps to burn up the unwanted fat. {In the previous chapters, we have seen how endocrine glands are important in the function of various systems in the body.}

Steam away the excess fat in your own bathroom

Water in the form of steam, is extremely effective in reducing weight. A perfect steam bath which can be had at one’s own house is always better because maintaining a regular time may no be possible if health clubs and other weight reducing centres are visited. It is also true that every one cannot afford to go to such places. Moreover entering a steam chamber without proper guidance or the advice of the physician who treats the person, is always not advisable because steam bath inside a closed chamber is contra-indicated in many disorders associated with obesity. Whereas with very few and simple accessories a good steam bath can be taken right in your bathroom in quite a harmless manner.

Steam bath can be taken in two positions-either lying down or sitting.

Full steam bath in lying down position

Things required: A cot, three buckets, two blankets and one towel.
This method needs a cot having ropes tied to the four sides. Place three buckets full of very hot water under the cot at the level of legs, spine and neck. Drink a glass of warm water and lie down face upwards after removing all the clothes. Place a wet towel on the head (forehead). Cover yourself with two heavy blankets in such a way that the cot and the buckets kept below are completely covered and no steam escapes. You can be helped by any one at home to arrange this type of a steam bath. Stay in this position for fifteen to twenty minutes. Get up and have a quick cold shower and dry the body with a towel briskly.

Steam bath in sitting position

This method is easier and equally effective.
Things needed: A chair, a stove, water in a kettle.
Place the stove two to three feet away from the chair. Heat the kettle containing water, on the stove. The steam emanating from the spout of the kettle should reach the spot below the chair. For this a rubber or plastic tube can be used. Drink a glass of warm water. Do not gulp it down but drink it sip by sip. Juice of one lemon can be squeezed in it. Remove all the clothes and sit on the chair covering yourself with two heavy blankets. The blankets should cover the chair completely up to the floor. Place a wet towel on the head. Sit like this for five to fifteen minutes. As soon as you come out of the steam, wipe the sweat and have a quick cold shower on the whole body or splash cold water quickly and dry yourself rigorously with a thick coarse towel.
Steam Bath must be taken only twice or thrice a week.

Partial hot water bath-cum-steam bath

Things needed; A bucket or small drum, a chair, two heavy blankets, a wet towel.
Place the bucket / drum in front of the front of the chair. Fill it with hot water. Sip a glass of warm water, remove the clothes and sit on the chair putting both the legs in the water immersed up to the knees. The temperature of the water should be as per the tolerance of the individual. Keep the wet towel on the head and cover yourself including the bucket of water, with the blankets. After ten to fifteen minutes you will sweat profusely. Wipe it with a wet towel and have an immediate cold shower for just half a minute and not more.

Full tub bath

If you have a bath tub at home, a full tub bath can be taken daily. During cold seasons hot water can be used and during hot seasons cold water must be used.

In hot, full tub bath, the temperature of the water can be as high as the individual can tolerate. Remove the clothes and get into the bath tub. While in water, rub and massage the skin on the abdomen, arms, thighs and other parts of the body with your hands briskly. If the water cools, add more hot water. Remain like this for ten to fifteen minutes. Come out of the bath, take a cold shower with sharp spray, all over the body, especially the abdomen, for a few seconds. Rub the whole body vigorously with a coarse towel. (Cold showers after hot bath should not be for longer period)

Hot and cold alternative hip bath

Things needed: Two large tubs containing hot and cold water and a wet towel. Temperature of hot water need be such that can be tolerated. Cold water should be very cold. This bath is better taken before going to bed.

Remove the clothes {if the weather is chilly, retain the clothes covering the chest} and sit in the hot water tub comfortably putting both your legs down on the floor. Massage the abdomen in clockwise direction. Working with the hands, move them upwards and then horizontally a little above the navel. Bring the hand down towards the left side of the abdomen. Repeat this for the duration that you are sitting in the tub. The duration for sitting in the hot tub should be for full ten minutes. After ten minutes, get up and sit in the cold water tub for ten to fifteen SECONDS only. Change to the hot water tub and stay in it for five more minutes. Add more hot water to raise the temperature. Again sit in the cold water tub.

Alternative hot and cold water must be at least for a full twenty to twenty five minutes. Keep in mind that always you must start with hot water and end in cold water whenever and wherever alternative hot and cold application are required.

IMPORTANT: As you are adopting natural living and natural methods to reduce weight, your night meals should be as early as 7 p.m. or 7.30. This will leave you at least two to three hours before bed time. Any bath, whether it is hip bath of foot bath, must not be taken on a full stomach. The level of the water should be such that it should reach the navel.

Two-in-one (hydrotherapy-cum-exercise)

This is an exercise blended with hydrotherapy. If you know swimming, you must be knowing breast stroke. This most common method of swimming combined with regulated breathing help reduce excess, weigh very effectively in a shorter period. In this type of hydrotherapy, you enjoy swimming, reduce weight and also get cured of the associated disease due to obesity.

How to do it?

Get into the water while making the first stroke, simultaneously inhale deeply through the nostrils, hold your breath, and immediately put your head into the water. Do not hurry but do it with ease. When your face is still under water, continue holding your breathe and take two easy strokes. At the start of the second stroke, when you put your hands in front of the chest, start exhaling through the nose under the water and finish blowing completely as you lift your face above the water. Once again inhale deeply and go back into the water for the next stroke and repeat the whole process.

Enema- the internal cleansing in obesity

First the regular evacuation must be carried out.
Taking enema while seated on the toilet (or in squaring position) is not only incorrect, but also has risks involved. Incomplete cleansing of the return alone can be obtained in this position. The water will not reach the bowels unless pressure is applied. which will damage the bend known as Sigmoid flexure, immediately at the entrance of the rectum. (See illustration)

Taking enema lying on the right side: In this position complete flushing of the bowels cannot be obtained at all because water is forced to rise against force through the bend-Sigmoid flexure.
Lying on left side while taking an enema is slightly better than lying on right but in this position also force has to be applied and incomplete cleansing results.
There are two perfect methods for taking enema effectively.

1. Lying on back. The easy method of taking enema without anybody’s assistance is lying on the back. Suspend the enema pot from a height of 4 ft above the floor of your bathroom. Let the nozzle of the tube be soft and if not, apply a little Vaseline. Lie on the back with the hips in a raised position and legs bent. Introduce the nozzle of the rectal tube into the rectum, but before doing so, check the tube to see whether there is air in it, by allowing some water to flow. Once the enema can becomes empty remove the tube from the rectum. Resist the pressure to empty the bowel immediately. If it is difficult, resist by pressing the rectum with a thick towel for some time. You will learn to resist without discomfort after a few days. Lying in this position for some time will enable the water to reach all the parts of the bowels. Get up and sit on the toilet. With the perialstic movement of the bowels the water will be carried to all parts and the remaining faces will be passed easily leaving a cool and comfortable sensation. The cold water thus entering the bowels will tone up the muscles for better functioning.

2. The best position to take enema is the knee chest position. Suspend the enema pot three to four feet above the floor on the wall or on a wooden stand. Kneel down upon the floor of the bath room. Lean forward resting the chest upon the hands and head down. The buttons will be slightly elevated allowing sufficient quantity of water to reach the entire bowels. Follow the same instructions further as in the first method.

Effective cleansing of the body internally and externally aided with a proper diet programme and exercise will help a lot to reduce weight without side-effects.

Have you decided to reduce weight?

Then take note of the following
Weight reducing programmes are best started during the summer months when more fluids are consumed than solids. Fasting becomes easier too. That is also the time when thirst quenching fruits are available in abundance reducing the need of solid food for lunch and dinner.
When you decide to go on a diet it should never be viewed as making a sacrifice or self-denial of something you cherish or assume an indifferent attitude of – “What do I lose if try one more method when I have tired all sorts of reducing programmes?” If such a mental attitude is encouraged or maintained, success will never be achieved. Only a positive approach for good health and a better appearance will do good. The benefits of cultivating a genuine pleasure in eating healthy food is extremely essential for maintaining stability in normal weight for ever.

  1. Make a resolution that you are going to lose the extra weight which is unsightly, makes you uncomfortable and is a hindrance in your life.
  2. Chalk out the type of treatment that best suits your needs as well as your liking.
  3. Decide whether you prefer external aid through specific modes of treatment as an adjunct to your own reducing programme.
  4. Once decided, find out the correct practitioner who will treat and guide you to reduce weight.
  5. Extend your cooperation to the practitioner who treats you.
  6. If you decide to reduce on your own with out additional external help, carefully plan the programme after making the necessary arrangement.
  7. Remember all the natural self-help methods, which when integrated, give best and permanent results.
  8. If you lack the will power, forget about fasting. But if you wish to develop your will power, go ahead and start fasting once a week atleast.
  9. Remember to take enema on the day you fast.
  10. Break your fast as directed in the previous chapter.
  11. Replace with fruits and vegetables, all eatables that are artificial and processed.
  12. Cultivate the habit of eating only when you are really hungry.
  13. Take at least one glass full of hot water in sips, one hour before meals.
  14. Nibble raw vegetables or fruits if you must while watching the T.V. and playing games or even gossiping.
  15. Take the hot and cold application {bath, sponge or fomentation} regularly.
  16. Do your exercises regularly and go for your walk in the mornings or / and after evening meals.
  17. Take your acupressure treatment in the morning, after bath, before breakfast and / or in the evening before meals.
  18. Atleast during the course of treatment, avoid parties and feasts. In unavoidable circumstances, go out with partially filled stomach, show discrimination in selecting the items to eat.
  19. Always remember, it is you must reduce and not those who force or tempt you to overeat or eat wrong food at any time.
  20. Chew your food thoroughly and never push it down your gullet in gulps.
  21. Sip your drinks very slowly. Retain the food or drink, in the mouth for some time before swallowing.
  22. Check your weight only once a month on the same day and time without clothes on the body.
  23. Develop good hobbies that will engage your mind and at the same time give pleasure to you in whatever you do.
  24. If you are a busy person and have no time for exercise or long walks, walk to the not-so nearby places where you usually go by bus or two wheelers.
  25. House wives can use the grinding stone for preparing chutneys etc. to remove the flabby flesh in their arms and around the stomach.
  26. Above all, your own determination must never suffer a setback due to other’s misplaced sympathy or ridicule about your losing weight.
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