Natural Remedies for Curing Urinary Problems

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Natural Remedies for Curing Urinary Problems

The occurrence of urinary tract infection is on the rise and many people prefer natural remedies to cure this problem. A urinary problem is something which you really would not want to ignore. If the occurrence is frequent and ignored or left untreated then it could lead to risking your life. There could be several reasons for getting this infection. Bacteria that cause the urinary tract infection could enter through sexual intercourse, poor hygiene of sexual organs, and lack of water, using common toilets and holding back urine. It is very important to attend to Mother Nature’s calls immediately hence avoiding kidney stones or any other infection.

Some of the symptoms which you can look for or come across are burning sensation or pain while urinating, tinge of blood passing while urinating or dark colored urine, acute pain in lower abdomen, foul urine smell and frequent urination in spite of being dehydrated. These symptoms can occur with a feeling of nausea, giddiness, fever and vomiting.

As science has advanced many drugs have been invented to treat this disorder. There are a many number of people going to clinics and hospitals to get their problems addressed and to find a cure. This cure however may/may not be temporary and you can see problems occurring again. The drugs and antibiotics prescribed cause a load on the kidneys on a longer run. Antibiotics are made of chemicals and could have side effects. However, with natural remedies these urinary concerns could be eliminated.

Natural home remedies

Natural remedies are cheap, easily available and have no side effects. Women should keep rectal and vaginal area clean to avoid passing bacteria through the urethra and then to kidneys. Most people reduce the water intake for the irritation of visiting the bathroom every now and then. However, believe it or not the most important remedy for curing urinary problems is to drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily. All toxins accumulated in the body will pass out in the form of urine. Avoid having caffeine of any form of alcohol.

Add 1 tsp of baking soda to 1 glass of water. Prepare this drink and consume it daily in the morning after waking up. Do this for a week and it will do the trick. You can also add 1 cup of fresh coriander or parsley to 1-2 glasses of water. Have this drink every morning. Cucumber is rich in fluids and can be had either in the form of juice or sliced. Ginger tea is good since it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Cranberry juice, Pomegranate juice, Water melon juice with lemon and cucumber are well known for curing urinary disorders. Juices rich in vitamin C should be had in excess since they have antibacterial properties. Eat as much as yogurt as you can. It contains healthy bacteria which will destroy the disease causing bacteria. Avoid having spicy foods, processed foods, cheese and dairy products. Avoid having carbonated drinks or soft drinks with a lot of fizz in it.

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