Everything you need to know about breast cancer and its prevention

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Everything you need to know about breast cancer and its prevention

Breast cancer is a disease where there is a malignant cancerous growth in the breast tissue of a woman. Though few people like to believe that this disease shows up out of nowhere and affects the person, there are a few steps that can be taken for the prevention of breast cancer. However in order to look at the preventive measures, it is important to understand what this disease is all about.

Common symptoms of breast cancer

  • Lump in the breast: This is one of the surest ways to determine if you have an abnormal growth in your breasts. This can be found through regular self examination. However, not all lumps have to be tumours. Few women may experience the formation of lumps in their breasts during their periods. These lumps disappear at the end of the menstrual cycle. This is a common occurrence in many women and need not be feared. There are three main types of lumps that can be found in the breast tissues- the malignant tumour, fibroadenoma and the cysts. You can verify if it is a malignant tumour using mammography and clinical examination by the doctor.

  • Bleeding through the nipples: 8% of the women who experience bleeding through their nipples suffer from breast cancer. This happens due to the growth of the cancerous tissue in the ducts of the breasts.
  • Changes in the shape of the breast: A woman needs to be well aware of the shape of her breast to notice any change in the shape of her breasts. The changes in the shape of the breasts are often due to the cancerous growth in the breast tissues.


Preventive measures which can be used


  • Unfortunately for diseases like cancer, it is difficult to come up with a fool-proof preventive measure to beat the disease. However, diagnosis in the early stages of the cancer will increase the risk of beating this cancer more successfully. If anyone in your family has been diagnosed with cancer previously, regular check-up are advised for early detection of the tumour.
  • Exercising and staying fit physically and emotionally is a very important step in preventing this disease. Consuming healthy foods like fresh vegetables and fruits and avoiding junk food is an important step n keeping obesity under bay and remaining fit.

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  • Regular self examination is an important step towards staying one step ahead at all times when it comes to beating the disease.


More effective ways for the right diagnosis


  • If you are diagnosed with a cyst, it may or may not be cancerous. Sometimes, the cyst may contain pus formation which is a sign of the cancerous tissue. It is advisable to have this checked immediately and begin cancer treatment quickly.
  • You can also opt for an ultrasound scan, an MRI scan or a CAT scan to check for the tumours. Only a doctor will be able to check and diagnose which method of treatment will best suit your case.


If diagnosed with cancer, it is important that you maintain a positive outlook on your life and lean on your family and friends for moral support.

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