5 Surprising Causes of Constipation

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Constipation, a common condition experienced very often by most of the people. Lack of fiber in diet, compressing the urge to go and inadequate water consumption are the three major and popular culprits of constipation. Constipation is linked with and caused by other facts too! Learn about some lesser known, surprising causes of constipation.

Pain killers / Analgesics

Do you have the habit of swallowing a painkiller or an analgesic very often when you experience headache or back ache? Well, you are constipated! Painkillers affect the digestive tract as the digestive system holds many receptors. It eventually halts everything.

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Even if you are prescribed with painkillers for any chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, etc you are exposed with the risk of chronic constipation.

Similarly, intake of prescribed anti-depressants also causes constipation.

Laxative Overdose / overuse

Too much of anything is poison! It applies to laxatives. Laxatives eases passing stool when you are mildly constipated. It acts as a stimulant. Overdose of laxatives is not recommended as is overuse. Consumption of laxatives should be treated like a first aid. When you depend on laxatives for a longer period, it affects the bowel activity.

It is not just about laxatives, you should not consume any pill for a longer period.


Characterized by an underactive thyroid gland, hypothyroidism affects the metabolism of the body. It in turn ruins all the normal functions. To name a few, improper digestion, extreme tiredness, mood swings, etc . Due to abnormal and sluggish digestion, you obviously get constipated.

However, if you suffer from constipation, it is not obvious that you suffer from hypothyroidism.

Dairy Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth for dairy? Cheesy cheese slices! Melting butter! Heaps of milk! Tangy yogurt! The dairy and subsidiary products are just great for your bones. But too much dairy harm your digestive system. Since a majority of delicious food stuffs made with cheese are high in fat and calories, say, cheesy pizza or cheese cake, the digestive process is reduced.

When you eat a lot of dairy, make sure to get equivalent fiber!

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are a lot of convenience. You can simply cut open the pack of frozen foods and cook it in a jiffy! Also, frozen foods are delicious! Yet, they are not good for your guts. Frozen foods are preserved using chemicals and preservatives, which are not healthy. Frequent intake of frozen foods, even if it is frozen fruits or yogurt it causes constipation.

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