6 Ways Smoking Kills you gradually

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6 Ways Smoking Kills you gradually

Smoking cigar is a slow poison. Whether you smoke a little or a lot, it makes no difference just like mixing a drop of poison or a bottle of poison in a glass of milk! Smoking is injurious to health! The health alert is published everywhere. Yet, smoking cigars is more and more dangerous in many ways. In fact, it is a slow poison that kills your life gradually. Here is the brief outlook on how smoking kills you!

Brain Damage



Nicotine is the major ingredient (an abusing substance) in the cigarettes. It makes you get addicted towards smoking. It is as addictive as heroin or marijuana. The brain gets used to intake of more nicotine. Obviously, lack of nicotine make you suffer from a range from physical to psychological conditions, anxiety, chronic mood swings, etc.

Oral Health Damage

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Oral health, lungs and respiratory tract are more affected by cigarettes. If you smoke, you are not assured about the oral health. You are more susceptible to cavities, ulcers, gingivitis, bad odor, etc. You cannot ignore oral health and hygiene isn’t it?

Impure Blood

Cigarettes are made of nicotine, metals and other toxic elements. It mixes with the blood stream and makes the blood impure. Besides, it also makes the blood very thick and sticky. Obviously, blood supply is ruined to all parts of the body.

Fatty Deposits


Although there is no direct relationship with fat storage and smoking, it indirectly contributes to storage of fats in the body. Smoking prevents blood flow, which in turn leads to deposits of unhealthy fats, triglycerides and cholesterols in the cells and tissues.

Hormonal Imbalance


Smoking cigars prevent the natural / normal functions of the organs. Since the toxins mixes with the blood stream and oxygen, it ruins the secretion of hormones. To name a few, it affect the pancreas where insulin secretion is compromised; alarmingly it also ruins the production of reproductive hormones.




Most of the smokers get a kind of temporary relief soon after smoking. It is caused due to deep inhalation. (How awesome it would be if the smokers just inhale and exhale deeply without the cigars?) The inhalation stimulates the brain and sends sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain, which helps you feel relaxed. This is the reason why everyone is recommended to do some simple deep breathing exercises at least a few minutes!

To the contrary, when the chemicals and toxins are inhaled, the short term relaxation is ruined by doubled irritation on the brain. You obviously get more stressed and seek for another cigarette.

In addition, smoking cigarettes also creates scar tissues in lungs, makes your muscles get sore, makes you sleep deprived and much more!

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