What to Do When Laxatives Don’t Work

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What to Do When Laxatives Don’t Work

Laxatives, the tiny pill just relives constipation overnight. However, prolong use of laxatives is not recommended. Yet, not all who suffer from constipation get relief from laxatives. Taking laxatives continuously for more than three or four days or intake of double dosage of laxatives failed to provide the results. You believe laxatives will help you pass the stool and help overcoming constipation. Just a simple remedy for constipation! However, what to do when laxatives don’t work? You can consider natural and holistic remedies to get rid of constipation.

Drink hot water

Hot water stimulates the internal organs and loosens the rigidity in passing the stool. Remember it is not warm water, but hot water. Boil the water and drink it hot to the extent possible. Make sure it doesn’t harm you.

Honey mixed warm water before bed is also a good remedy for constipation.

Get more fiber from fruits

Fiber rich foods prevent constipation. Get more fiber in your diet from fruits. Grapes, apples, pineapples, berries, orange, prune, kiwi, squash, etc…

Drink more water when you increase the intake of fiber foods.



Similar to castor oil, raisins, aka dried grapes is a good remedy for constipation. Soak a handful of raisins in hot water. Drink the water and eat the fruit at night. Or take it in the morning in the empty stomach.

Lemon and salt

Simply, the lemonade, but make sure it is homemade drink. Squeeze a lemon add a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water. It treats all types of constipation and associated problems. You can drink this drink several times a day and it makes no harm.

Self-abdominal massage

You may try the abdominal massage to stimulate and soothe the hard muscles and help passing stool. Apply different strokes on your stomach by pressing, twisting, etc.

Intake a few drops of castor oil

Saving the best for the last!

One of the old age remedies for constipation. Castor oil! Add a few drops of castor oil (remember only a few drops) to the warm water. Drink at night before going to bed. You will be relived from constipation. Castor oil has been used for ages to clean the stomach from gas, intestinal worms and toxins. It induces loose stools. Remember, don’t increase the dosage of castor oil as it might lead to severe diarrhea.

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