10 Reasons you Should Avoid Smoking

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Should you avoid smoking? Obviously yes for a myriad of health benefits. Smoking causes many chronic and fatal diseases. It is all known fact! Yet, ditching smoking is more beneficial in many aspects. Listing out the 10 reasons you should avoid smoking.

  1. You will stay young 

Yes! Smoking has chemicals and toxins. Inhalation of chemicals makes your skin irritated. Your skin will lose it natural sheen and elasticity. When you quit smoking, you can prevent further damage to the skin. Gradually, you will look young with beautiful skin.

  1. Your heart will thank you

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Smoking creates a chaos in the heart chambers. Together with blood, you are sending harmful toxins. It hardens the arteries and valves, giving more pressure to the heart. Increased pressure leads to heart failure. Dare to smoke? Think before, your heart will thank you.

  1. Your brain is active



As we already seen that smoking is addictive due to its nicotine, it diminishes the brain functions. NO smoking means your brain remains healthy and active. At least, you don’t lose your brain (carry the ability to function at its best).

  1. You don’t need to hunt for pills

Okay, let it be clear. Smoking ruins the men’s sexual health. It may lead to erectile dysfunction as well premature ejaculation. In fact, smoking enhances the risk of sexual problems in men. Should you go natural or hunt for adult pills?

  1. You are not at the risk of impotency

When it comes to sexual problems in men, reproductive issues and impotency could almost kill a man! The rate of impotency or fertility rate will be dramatically reduced with incessant smoking. Smoking harms your reproductive organs, ruins your sperm count, makes you less fertile, and causes more troubles.

  1. You are not closer to death

Yes, what you read is fact! Smoking reduces the life expectancy. Whether or not you develop chronic illnesses, smoking reduces your life span. Live the average life expectancy and more happily without traces of nicotine and cigars in your life.

  1. You reduce the risk of cancer

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We recommend you to read an article about smoking and different types of cancer. Smoking causes 16 types of cancer. If you are a non-smoker, the risk of developing cancer is dramatically reduced.

  1. You will enjoy a sound sleep

A recent study reveals that smokers lack good quality sleep!

  1. Your bones will be stronger

Bone mineral density decreases for a number of reasons, where smoking is a major one. Your bones will remain stronger (at least until you hit the middle age mania) when you stay away from smoking.

    10. You save a lot of money


Quintessentially, the major benefit of avoid smoking or quit smoking is apparent in the financial front!

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