Childhood Cancer – Causes and Risk Factors

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Childhood Cancer – Causes and Risk Factors

Cancer! Although certain forms of cancer are diagnosed in the elders, cancer doesn’t have any age of attack. Childhood cancer is becoming very common in the recent days. The risk factor of childhood cancers is many. Some of the common forms of childhood cancer include cancer of brain and nervous system, lymph nodes cancer, bone cancer, leukemia, etc. Intensity of the risk factors lead to different types of childhood cancers.

When it comes to cancer risk factors in adults, most forms of cancers are based on erroneous lifestyle and diet. However, childhood cancer is not often linked with improper food habits and lifestyle. Yet, poor habits may develop cancer in the adulthood.

The major cause of childhood cancer is exposure to certain chemicals or radiation. For instance, inhaling the cigarette smoking increases the risk of childhood cancer. Besides, chemical exposure or radiation (to treat any underlying health condition or accidental exposure) accounts to childhood cancer.

In the recent years, DNA mutation emerged as a major cause of childhood cancer. A few changes in the DNA alter the normal cells into cancerous ones. DNA Mutation or genetic therapies may end up causing cancer in babies. A few genes, which are the part of the DNA hold control over the growth of the cells. They aid in growth of fresh cells, removal of dead cells and ensure the body has healthy cells. These genes are responsible to prevent the cells from turning into tumors. Also, it turns of the tumor cells if any at a very early stage itself. When the DNA is altered, these genes couldn’t control the normal cells, and it doesn’t turn off the tumor cells. If a child has a family history of genetic mutation, the risk of developing cancer is high in the early years.

Junk foods accounts as one of the risk factors of childhood cancer. Eating junk foods without any limits or eating it every day may lead to stomach cancer. A couple of children aged around 8 years died to stomach cancer caused exclusively due to junk foods.

Children with DOWN SYNDROME, a congenital condition of a child poses the risk of developing leukemia. Certain drugs and medications taken by the mother during the pregnancy may trouble the child with cancer.

In many cases doctors are unable to source the right cause of cancer as cancer in children differs extensively with cancer in adults.

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