Does Cancer have any Age of Attack?

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Does Cancer have any Age of Attack?

Malignant Tumors, aka more precisely termed the alarming word Cancer is one of the frightening diseases. Cancer, one of the deadliest yet rare diseases of the yesteryear is transformed into one of the common diseases of the world. Cancer may affect any part of the body as cancer cells may grow anywhere in the body.

We could commonly hear something like, ‘Oh she was getting chemo and she is better now!’ ‘My cousin lost his life to lung cancer!’ ‘The kid suffered from stomach cancer and he is recovering now!’ and many more. We have seen cancer ruining the lives of millions regardless of age. From kids to senior citizens, cancer cells grow in the body exponentially.

Growth of cancer cells

Cancer cells may grow in any part of the body and damage any organ. The cell abnormality cannot be controlled by the immune system. It then converts into small to big lumps, which spreads all over the body. Tumors become inactive in an active and healthy body.

Is cancer common in kids as diagnosed in adults?

Now, one of the scariest aspects about cancer that everyone wants to know is, does cancer have any age of attack? The answer is YES and NO! Although cancer is not common in children, diagnosed less often, it happens.

Don’t panic. Just like everyone sleeps, sneezes, eats and coughs, just like everyone has healthy cells in the body, cancer cells grow as benign tumors. The healthy cells turn into malignant cells when the body lacks immunity. The risk of developing cancer is low, moderate and high, which is influenced by the food habits, lifestyle habits, environment, family history of cancer etc.

A few types of cancer outgrow only in elderly people. For instance, consider breast cancer or Uterus cancer. Both these form cancers are diagnosed in 40 plus years. Similarly, liver and lung cancer caused due to smoking and consumption of alcohol is diagnosed in adult men.

Age and Cancer

Around 40 % people in the world develop some form of cancer in their body, which doesn’t turn malignant for some reasons.

More than 55 % of cancer is diagnosed in the age group of 40 – 60 years.

Elderly people aged above 65 years accounts for 30 % of cancer population

Cancer is less common in people aged between 20 to 30, less than 1 %.

Childhood Cancer

Imagine how come an 8 year old kid die of cancer? Yes, even the little buds may fall prey to cancer. In fact, around 10 percent of cancer patients accounts for kids. Kids may develop leukemia, stomach cancer, lung or liver cancer, brain tumor, etc. Shocking? Reason behind the growth of cancer cells in the younger lives is many. To name a few, the love for modifying the genetics is one of the curses that cause cancer. Genetically modified foods, the new fad is one of the culprits.

Although cancer treatments give promising results and recovery, it is always better to stay away from the evil hands. Prevention is better than cure!

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