Is There A Need To Shave The Pubic Hairs?

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Is There A Need To Shave The Pubic Hairs?

It was only in the few years, that shaving the pubic hairs, removal of every single hair in the genitals is considered very astronomical! No gender is exceptional, both men and women are just obsessed with removal of pubic hairs. Well, the ‘Clean, Clear and Hairless’ bare look has been booming. The desire for shaving the pubic hairs has been dramatically publicized by the colorful advertisements, change in the cultural trends, unsurpassed changes in the fashion outlook, caused by thongs and bikinis and much more. Removal of public hairs was an essential procedure performed by medical professions prior surgery. The reason was nothing but reducing the infections.

Let’s get into the story. The need to shave the pubic hairs is not actually required. It is rather a misguided attempt that ruins the health and hygiene of the girls who desire it.

Genitals part has very delicate skin. Whatever you use, it could be a razor or tweezers or laser hair removal, electric shaver, and it certainly harms the skin. Pubic hair removal might be a necessity for a few girls; who would love to show off their bikini in thongs; Who is getting ready for the marriage and is worried about the genital hairs;

Pubic hair removal inflames and irritates the genital skin. Since the genital area is too soft and supple, it leads to very minor wounds.

Still, if you really want to go hairless, you may have to consider a lot of facts before you push it. You may have to keep the genital area hydrated, soft and control the irritation by applying the hydrating gel or high quality creams. Remember, the genital part is exposed to bacterial infection when you don’t execute proper care. It may lead to pustules, little bruises, even cuts and inflammation of the skin.

There is only one answer to the question, do you need to shave the pubic hairs!

You can get it trimmed, but unless it is completely necessary, don’t shave it! Only in a few cases the partner may demand a clean and bald genital area. Most of the men, almost 95 % of men don’t even care about spic and span genital part with zero pubic hair! You can stay beautiful, healthy and amazing ever with the pubic hairs.

Above all, pubic hairs carry a purpose. It is the sign of puberty and the hair prevents the irritation and infection! So beware girls before you decide to shave the pubic hairs.

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