Pubic Hair Grooming

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Pubic Hair Grooming

More than 50 percent of women at some point of time remove their pubic hairs for one or more reasons. If not done carefully, the risk of bacterial infection, itching and blotching make you suffer immensely. When you ask whether to shave the pubic hair or not, we could say a BIG NO!

Stat Cautious

Besides getting infection or minor hurts, shaving as well as waxing may transform the skin of labia, which appears like eczema. The way most women shave the pubic hair is terrifying. It is more like, grab a razor, apply the soap or cream, and remove the hair. A few go for irritating waxing. Just like you groom yourself, you should groom the pubic hair. Here is your introductory guide to pubic hair grooming.


Don’t opt to go completely bare! Just like there is a reason for availability of everything around us, the growth of pubic hairs has a lot of reasons. Get a personal hair trimmer, a quality one available in the market place. It removes the hair you feel unwanted, simultaneously keep your vaginal area protected with mild layer of hair as well as doesn’t harm your skin.

When you trim down the pubic hair, make sure to hydrate and soothe the skin by applying any moisturizer or even coconut oil. It prevents bacterial infection. When you visit a beauty clinic for removal of pubic hair, make sure to check out for the hygiene and cleanliness of the clinic. Don’t take any chances on the same as you may develop severe sores in the vaginal area. For instance, using same stick for waxing

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a fad nowadays. It has gained a lot of attention and an exclusive niche market in the industry. However, it is not recommended to go for laser hair removal to remove the pubic hairs. Handling laser equipment need a lot of knowledge. Unfortunately, laser treatments and spas with laser machines are just around every corner. Removal of facial hair with lasers involves a lot of risks as it might damage your skin. Should you go for pubic hair removal? You may end up running your health.

Avoid Perfumes

Applying perfumes to the vaginal area is prohibited. Don’t use wipes or strong scented cleansers to clean the pubic hair. Imagine what happens when an apple smells like a Mango? A vagina should be like a vagina and carry its natural smell. (Of course, infected vagina carries different unpleasant odor) Don’t apply perfumes and avoid douching.

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