Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer

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Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer

How unhealthy is smoking? Most of us knew the health risks of smoking. Still a lot smokes without worrying about the risk they are exposed to! We are more concerned about the alarming health risks of smoking.

One of the deadliest and painful diseases of the current era is cancer! Every type of cancer is caused by one or more factors. Smoking is extremely dangerous that it may the single reason that cause around 16 types of cancer. Alarming isn’t it? Let us have an insight on different types of cancer caused merely by smoking.

According to the in-depth and advanced studies about cancer, smoking, and tobacco use, a shocking report is revealed. Smoking and tobacco causes a number of hazardous elements that is the root cause of 16 types of cancer. Smoking causes following types of cancer

  • Lung cancer16types of cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Bladder cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Breast cancer (a surprising reason of breast cancer)
  • Bone marrow cancer
  • Pharynx cancer (cancer of the throat)
  • Mouth cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Cancer in the pancreas
  • Colorectum / colon cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Larynx cancer (cancer of the voice box)
  • Gullet cancer (cancer of the oesophagus) and
  • Bladder cancer

When we talk about smoking, obviously it affects lungs, mouth, throat and the complete respiratory system. However, the effect of tobacco much more dangerous than anticipated.

You may think, smoking is just inhalation and how come it affects the bladder, cervix or uterus?

The answer is quite simple! How smoking affects all parts of the body? When you inhale the tobacco and the harmful elements in a cigar, it breathe-in all the oxygen. The toxins are carried into the body by the oxygen and mix with the bloodstream. This is a simple logic. You breathe, the oxygen mixes with the blood and moves from head to toe, get purified, etc. Your body performs the similar process including the carriage of additional harmful elements. It is not just the lungs that are affected by smoking, but the entire body.

Since the toxic blood is spread all over body, it gradually affects every single part, resulting with growth of tumors.

It is not just only heavy smokers or even the occasional smokers are exposed with the risk of developing any form of cancer, but those who are exposed with the smoke! Smoking pose more health risks in women than men. For instance, smoking abruptly affects the uterus health, dramatically reducing the fertility rate. It also leads to breast cancer at a very age.

Remember, smoking is deadly than any other element in the world!

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