5 important Last minute things to do before child birth

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5 important Last minute things to do before child birth

Are you into your third trimester and awaiting your big day in a few weeks’ time? Then this article is for you!

After your baby starts smiling in your hands, you will have hardly time for yourself. And whatever free time you get, you will be spending it on eating and sleeping. So why not spend some time in planning ahead and list out the indispensable things that you should do after you receive your bundle of joy? It is essential, because, it will be very difficult to follow after you have your baby in your hands.

Here are the 5 things to do before child birth:


  1. Child Proof your home:

You should be doing this before your baby starts to crawl, but you would be busy parenting and would remember this only after your child places his finger in the electrical point. But, then it might be too late. So do these things

  • Conceal all the electrical points that your baby would reach at homechild proof
  • Fix doorstops and door holders so that your baby’s fingers will remain safe
  • Keep toasters, blow dryers and other electrical appliances in a safe place
  • Net your windows to prevent mosquitoes from biting your kid
  • Fix gates on the bottom and the top of the stairways to prevent your baby from tumbling in the stairways
  • Mount a grill on the fireplace to prevent your kid from touching the fire
  • Practice to keep all sharp objects in a safe place
  • Fix an appliance latch to your refrigerator
  • Assign edge guards to all the corners of the furniture
  1. Vacuum clean your house:

Welcome your baby in your clean home. Babies are defenseless as their immune system is very weak so their chance of getting ill is evacuum cleanasy. Ensure that the house is kept clean. Empty all the vessels that hold stagnant water at home – open vessels, flower pots and air coolers as it might breed mosquito larvae. It might be really difficult for you to do it all by yourself, so get the help of a professional cleaner and make your home beautiful. Even when you clean your house, avoid chemical solutions for cleaning the house. It might produce fumes that are toxic in nature.

  1. Make your shopping

It will seem like you will have enough time after the baby comes. But you might not be in a position to go out after the birth of your baby. And even the things shopped by your better-half might not satisfy you. So, it is always better to shop the desired things for your baby after you step into your third trimester. Here we list the necessary things that you need to get for your baby beforehand:

  • Baby cot
  • Feeding bottles for baby
  • Sterilizers for baby’s bottle
  • Baby beds
  • Breast pumps
  • Baby towels, napkins
  • Toys for baby
  • Bath tubs
  • Clothes for the baby (socks, hand gloves, dresses, caps, shoes)
  • Feeding nighties, braziers etc.,folder
  • Baby diapers
  • Baby sanitizers, tissues etc.

After you buy the clothes for your baby, wash them in mild detergent & dry them out in hot sun. This will make the clothes soft enough for your baby to wear.

Note: Whenever you wash the clothes of the baby rinse it with antiseptic also so that the germs are expelled out.

  1. Get a folder for your baby

Create a folder for your baby. This folder should contain all the information right from your baby’s birth. It should also include all the records and the contact numbers of important doctors that either you or your baby will require. Gather the records pertaining to vaccination or prescriptions and arrange it in the folder.

  1. Handle your pets

Since you will be away from home for some time, get a pet sitter, who will take care of your pet when you are away.pets

Other things to note:

  • If you have decided on which hospital you would get admitted for your labour, check out the distance between your house and hospital, alternative vehicles to take you to the hospital. If you own a car, take care that your car has enough petrol to take you to the hospital.
  • Make arrangements for help from a family member to take care of yourself and the baby.
  • Don’t get excited. Take rest and follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Spend some time for yourself. Have a foot spa and pedicure. Rejuvenate yourself.
  • Read your favorite book, knit tiny clothes for your little one.
  • Spend some time with friends and family.

Most Important: Get your CPR training!

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