10 Ways to Cleanse your Body Naturally

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10 Ways to Cleanse your Body Naturally

Keeping the body free of toxins is a major part of well-being. Often, we should cleanse internal organs to get rid of the toxins accumulates. Cleansing organs helps fighting free radicals, stay health and young, and keeps diseases at bay. Here is your simple guide to cleanse your body naturally to get rid of the wastes from the body.

Warm Water Warm-Water

Start and end your day with warm water. The first thing and the last thing you should drink every day is warm water. Squeeze half a lemon in the morning and drink plain water at night before you go to bed. Lemon alkalizes your body and balances the pH levels. Lemon is a potent cleaner. It also regulates your body metabolism. Taking warm water at night regulates bowel movements and prevents constipation, an essential part of cleansing the body.

Breathing Exercise

Clean and clear mind is a part of healthy body.  BreBreathing-Exerciseathing exercise help you sit back and relax for a few minutes from the hassles of life. Deep breathing enables good flow of oxygen and blood supply to whole body, which energizes brain. After a few minutes of deep breathing, you will feel rejuvenated. Oxygenated body makes way for proper blood circulation. Besides, it also helps you overcome the racing emotions.



Dandelion Juice

Dandelion has been used for ages to heal liver and digestive ailments. Boil water with dandelion leaves and drink the water. It is the best natural diuretic and cleanses the kidney by removing excessive water and salt.

Stay Hot

Toxins accumulate in your body when your digestion is not optimal! Keep your internal organs hot by adding Ginger-Pineapplea spices and hot foods.

  • Ginger – Add lot of ginger to increase digestive fire, which cleanse your organs
  • Pepper Corns
  • Garlic
  • Pineapple
  • Raw papaya
  • Flax seeds


Self-MassageNot many are aware about the amazing benefits you can derive from self-massage.

  • Facial massage – to drain the puffiness of face
    • Apply any oil (coconut or olive oil) and massage your face in circular motion.
    • Start from your forehead and rub down your fingers towards chest on either sides
    • Start from your eyes and rub down to chest
    • Start from nose bridge and rub down
    • Start from your chin and rub down.
    • Do this daily to get the slimmer face.
  • Abdominal massage

Lie on your back and apply oil on your stomach. Gently massage the stomach in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. It will ease constipation and aids in regulating bowel movements.

Quick tips:

  • Cut down sugar and salt intake to cleanse your system!
  • Drink Wild Lemon juice once a week – A powerful cleanse and detox!
  • Add a lot of cilantro aka fresh coriander leaves to enhance cleansing process!
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