5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better than Exercise?

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5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better than Exercise?

Staying physically active has become quintessential part of healthy and happy life. Realizing the importance of spending some time for physical activities, a new confusion arises. What type of physical activity should I involve! Yoga or Exercises?

This is a popular debate among the health enthusiasts. Should I enroll in regular practice of yoga or join a fitness centre to train on exercises. Yoga has been a major part of life since pre-historic times. Although both have its own benefits to health, yoga goes an extra mile and win over workouts / exercises hands-down.

Here are the top 5 reasons why yoga is better than exercises.

Yoga reviYoga-revitalizes-youtalizes you

Yoga involves doing a set of poses, stretching, bending, breathing, etc in rhythmic manner. It revitalizes the body in a gentle way. You can do yoga for an hour or two without exertion (of course there are few exceptions). When you complete a session of yoga practice you obviously will feel rejuvenated and energetic.

To the contrary, exercises, even jogging consume your energy. You will end up getting tired and exhausted after your exercise session.

Yoga regulates cardiac health and associated functions without stressing

Yoga regulates the cardiac health and improves the functions of myocardium. The heart is gently massaged when you practicYoga-regulates-cardiac-healthe yoga and breathing exercises. It also comforts your body and control the blood pressure and pulse rate.

To the contrary, when you work out, you will feel pulse rate is aggravating and the heart beats too faster. It increases the stress of myocardium function and further strains the heart to do overtime duty!

Yoga has no age limits

Yes, even the 100 years old can do yoga, but not physical workouts! Yoga is not restricted to any specific gender or age group, as long as there is any traumatic health condition.

However, when you reYoga-has-no-age-limitsach certain age, you are restricted to do certain activities.

Yoga improves your overall health and wellbeing

Yoga is a science of life! It targets to improve the vital functions of the body, namely cardiac health, muscular co-ordination, nervous system control, brain function, etc. Overall, it provides a great sense of ‘feel good’ health.

When it comes to exercises, the focus is on building strength and speed, and of course concentrates on certain aspects of health like weight loss, obesity, etcYoga-improves-your-overall-health

Yoga is exercising your body and mind

Here comes the major difference between yoga and exercise. Yoga is a form of exercise, a gentle, warm and flexible form of exercise! But all exercises cannot be yoga!

Schedule for regular practice of yoga and build a healthy future.

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