5 Spices to Heal Tooth Ache and Infection

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5 Spices to Heal Tooth Ache and Infection

Tooth ache is a very common problem and caused by many reasons. Lack of oral hygiene reflects through aching tooth, infection, cavities, etc. Infection in your mouth also leads to tooth ache. Aching teeth troubles you a lot and restricts your activity as you cannot resist pain.

You can get instant relief from tooth ache. Following are the few spices that help you get relief from aching tooth and also treat infection.


Clove, also called as Lavang is a very popular spice in India. Used for medicinal as well culinary purpose, clove is the primary remedy used to eliminate tooth ache.Clove

Just hold one or two cloves inside your mouth on any side (or either side) where you suffer from pain. Swallow the juice and don’t spit it. Clove produce an aromatic chemical, called Eugenol. This chemical kills the bacteria, reduces inflammation of the gums and eliminates pain. You can hold it in your mouth for around 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat it twice or thrice a day.

Unlike clove you may not have clove oil handy. If you have clove oil, soak a cotton ball and place it for a few minutes inside your mouth.

Fresh-Ginger-RootFresh Ginger Root

An instant cure to tooth ache. Remove the skin of ginger and take one piece of fresh ginger root. Just bite down the ginger and let the juice spread in your mouth. Ginger is a hot spice and you may find it a bit hard to accept the flavor and warmth of ginger. But it works quickly and you will get rid of pain within a few minutes.

Remember, ginger also fights tooth infection.


Garlic Garlic

Garlic has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties which fights infection and reduce the pain. Just take a few garlic pods, peel the skin, crush it and place it inside the cheek. Alternatively, crush the garlic and extract the juice, apply directly on the painful area.

Black-CuminBlack Cumin

Black Cumin mentioned here is called Nigella Sativa, a spice that cures everything but death. Dry roast two teaspoons of black cumin and powder it. Add the powder with 5 teaspoons of vinegar and heat it until turns warm. Don’t overheat the mixture. Add salt and warm water to dilute the mixture.

Rinse your mouth with this mixture. Repeat the procedure once in an hour. You will find relief from pain very soon.



Cubeb appear similar to black pepper but with a tail. It has milder warmness than the hot pepper. Crush the corns and make a paste with water or vinegar. Apply the paste on the painful area. In less than 30 minutes you will be relieved from pain.

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