Why Should You Eat Dates during Pregnancy?

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Why Should You Eat Dates during Pregnancy?

Are you pregnant? Congrats. Enjoy the bliss of pregnancy. Oh yes, pregnancy may give you some tantrums owing to changes in your hormone. Don’t panic.

It is a blissful time to enjoy yourself completely. You may develop food craving and yearn to eat the foods you never liked before. Well, remember what you eat passes to your child in the womb and influence your health. There are many chances you may lack nutrition in many ways during your pregnancy. You could hear advice on what to eat, what not to eat from almost everyone.

However, there is one certain food with no chaos and differing opinions – DATES! The super fruit (dry fruit) is one of the nutritious foods on the planet. So, why should you eat dates during your pregnancy?

Rich in IronRich-in-Iron

A well-known fact about dates, a lot of iron rich produces may not tastes good, but dates are exception. Eating dates prevent you from anemia, which may turn out a major complication during the child birth.

Healthy Sugar and Energy Boost

Well, sugar givHealthy-Sugar-and-Energy-Boostes you instant energy.

However, you can eat high sugar foods. Dates have healthy sugar and give you in

stant energy. Since you may deprive of energy too often during your pregnancy, snack on dates to get the energy boost.


Eases Digestion Eases-Digestion

Digestion is a major problem during pregnancy. Since the baby grows, more pregnant women are prone to acid reflux, indigestion, etc. Eating two or three pieces of dates after every meal help you ease the digestion process. Also if you had a heavy meal, eat dates to feel lighter.

Folic Acid

Folic-AcidFolic acid is one of the primary supplements prescribed by gynecologists to pregnant women. Folic acid is important to prevent the brain and spinal cord damage in the body. It stimulates the brain growth, aids in optimal brain function and regulates the formation of healthy cells to the child in the womb. Also, it prevents your child from infant anemic, a dangerous condition for newborns.


Aids Natural Delivery

According to a study revealed in a journal related to Obstetrics and Gynecology, dates ease the delivery of the baby. It dilutes the cervical region and induces natural labor. Besides, it also reduces the duration of painful labor.Aids-Natural-Delivery

Other quick tips why should you eat dates?

  • It is rich in fiber and adds to your daily intake of fiber (prevents constipation)
  • Contains potassium which aids in preventing swelling and regulate the electrolyte balance in the body
  • Has amino acids which are accounted building blocks in your body
  • Vitamin K aids in development of strong bones in baby

Remember, too much of anything is harmful. Eat no more than a handful of dates every day.

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