6 Facts You Should Know About Oral Contraceptives

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6 Facts You Should Know About Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives aka birth control pills prevents conception. Obviously every woman knew this fact about oral contraceptives. Using the birth control pills confer you with few surprising health benefits. However, there is a negative side too! Prolonged use of this drug may invite some moderate to severe long term side effects. If you are using the oral contraceptives, probably you should know about these facts.

Oral Contraceptive is an OTC drug! OTC-drug

Yes, it is an over the counter medicine and any woman can use it as long as she is healthy with no specific ailments. Many times you can use it without getting any medical recommendation. Those who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorder, etc may need a diagnosis and prescription from physician before taking the pill.

It won’t Always Prevent You from Getting Pregnant 

Yes, oral contraceptive may not assure you to prevent conceiving all the times. If you have the habit if taking contraceptive pills regularly, your body resists the intake of this hormone and may not function effectively.

If you really wish to delay getting pregnant, you can still consider many other safe ways to postpone conception.

It may Increase Increase-Your-WeightYour Weight and Make You Obese

Oral contraceptive is a hormone supplement. It contains estrogen and progesterone! Increase in the estrogen intake may result with water retention and weight gain. Especially, those who are on the verge of gaining weight and pre-obesity stage, may gain excessive weight upon taking contraceptives daily.

Risk of Low Pregnancy Rate

It is just all about hormones! Too much and too often of anything simply ruins everything. Even physicians won’t recommend taking birth control pills for a longer time. You can use Getting-Pregnantit in case of emergency and occasionally. If you use it to delay pregnancy, it may further delay pregnancy. Don’t except yourself to get conceived immediately after you stop taking birth control pills.

Oral-Contraceptive-Can-Regulate-Your-PeriodsOral Contraceptive Can Regulate Your Periods

As mentioned above, the hormone supplementation helps you regulate your periods. Those who suffer from delayed periods can make use of it. Even physicians prescribe contraceptives to regulate menstruation.

You may not conceive because of your irregular menstruation or poor menstrual health. It works in reverse manner, help your menstruation cycle regulated and helps you conceive too!

Weight Loss! Weight-Loss

Rarely, in few cases, the hormone regulates your body and helps you improve your health and lose weight. Get the prescription of right dosage from your physician to make the most of it.

Talk to your physician and get the dosage right to avoid complications.

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