How to Include Iron Rich Foods for your Kids

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How to Include Iron Rich Foods for your Kids

Every nutrient is essential for kids to grow healthy. Your kids can easy go deficient of iron. Iron deficiency lead to complications including poor immunity, exhaustiveness and obstruction in the normal growth. Dark colored fruits and veggies contain loads of iron. However, kids may not love to eat greens or vegetables that are rich in iron. Here is the quick guide to include iron rich foods in your kid’s diet.

There are two types of iron requirements.

  1. Heme Iron – from hemoglobin, derived from animal sources
  2. Non-heme iron – Derived from plants and vegetables

Generally, it is not a healthy practice to feed meat often to kids. However, if you are a non-vegetarian, you can feed red meat to kids, which is a good source of iron, but not too often.

Nuts Nuts

Kids love to eat nuts. Pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, etc are rich in minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. Just an ounce of nuts everyday provides loads of nutrients to kids. Go for plain unsalted nuts. Salted and roasted nuts increase the calorie intake.
Nut ball is a delicious and nutritious recipe that your kids will love.

  • Crush the nuts (don’t powder it), break it into coarse pieces.
  • Add jaggery or condensed milk to make it into bite sized balls.
  • Additionally you can also chopped raisins and dates.
  • Roll the nut balls on shredded coconut.

Dates Rich-in-Iron

When we talk about iron deficiency, dates are just the primary source of iron. Adding 5 or 6 dates everyday prevents iron deficiency. Feed your child one or two pieces of dates after every meal.

There are only few kids who don’t eat dates. You can add dates to desserts and puddings to get the extra iron quotient.

Sesame Seeds

One of the iron rich seeds often overlooked by many is sesame seeds. You can powder the sesame seeds and just use it sparingly inCubeb your cooking. White sesame seeds can be used in desserts. Sesame seeds jaggery ball is one of the healthiest food in the planet.

Sesame seeds are also a calcium rich food, which can meet the daily requirement of calcium in elders and kids.


Even thBroccoliose kids who don’t hate eating veggies would love broccoli. In addition, broccoli also contains potassium, dietary fibre, and micro-nutrients, which is overlooked in children.

A cup of green leafy vegetables meet the daily iron requirements of kids. When you make any stir fry recipe, add broccoli to get the nutritional value. Shallow fry the broccoli or roast it in the oven.


Citrus Fruits Citrus-Fruits

Citrus fruits don’t contain iron, but helps in absorption of iron. Vitamin C is essential to absorb the iron intake. Include at least one fruit (orange, sweet lime or lemon) in diet, either in form of fresh fruit or juice to increase iron absorption.

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