7 Unhealthy Things We Do Everyday

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7 Unhealthy Things We Do Everyday

Healthy, wealthy and long life! This is what we all do expect. However, there are many hidden dangers to health. We do many things without actually knowing they ruin the health. Here is the list of unhealthy things we do every day.

  1. Sitting Sitting

Yes, sitting has become a major threat to optimal health. People sit for more than 8 hours a day before computers. It leads to degenerative disc problems in your spice and lead to many complications. Take small breaks every hour and stroll around for 2 to 3 minutes.

  1. Sleeping Sleeping

Okay! Don’t panic sleeping doesn’t kill you! Rather, over sleeping or poor sleeping kills you. Poor sleep tends to gain weight, damages brain and affects your mental and physical health. Excessive sleep ruins the digestion and leads to cardiac diseases.

  1. Staring at blue screen for hours Staring-at-blue-screen-for-hours

Living without phones and computer? Impossible! Living with diseases? Painful! What do you prefer? Reduce the number of hours you spend on computers and phones. Don’t nab your phone all the time when you don’t need it. Develop a hobby that doesn’t need internet connection or mobile to live in the real world.

  1. Relying on Pain Killers for everything Relying-on-Pain-Killers-for-everything

It became a fad! Headache? Knee pain? Back pain? Get an analgesic, you are ready! There are a lot of side effects associated with painkillers. Of course, it is an OTC drug meant to curb down pain, but not every time. When you repeatedly suffer from pain, visit a doctor and get prescription medicine. Try to change your lifestyle and food habits.

  1. No Sense of Humor No-Sense-of-Humor

Life is a joke! It’s a joke really! Life is filled with emotions. There is happiness and sadness; tears of joy and tears of pain; anger and pain; grief and pride; and a lot! You can’t gain anything with no sense of humor. Staying serious all the times or yelling at kids and people make you stressed! Get some life and get some humor sense. Read a lot of jokes and look at people. There are many fun things happening around us!

  1. Socialism health-_harmone

It kills like sleep! Neither anti-socialism nor hyper-socialism is healthy! When you don’t have social life, you increase your stress levels. When you spend too much with others, you lack your personality!

  1. Poor Sex Life Poor-Sex-Life

Sex is one of the pleasures and rejuvenation from the hassles of life of mankind. Having sex regularly help you burn calories, get intimate and develop bond with your hubby, reduces stress levels, and enhances your life span.

Try to avoid these things to lead healthy happy and long life.

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