Eliminate Sugar Addiction the Natural Way

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Eliminate Sugar Addiction the Natural Way

One of the sweetest things in the world is sugar. There are so many varieties of sweets out there. The fact is we forget the real taste of the natural sugar. In the olden days, people consumed natural sugar in form of fruits and vegetables, honey, etc.

Sugar is one of the harmful substances we consume in daily life. In fact just like fast foods, sugar affects the health in many ways. How to eliminate the sugar intake?

Sweet foods give an instant energy boost, which helps you stay energized. When you decide to eliminate or reduce the intake of desserts or sugar in any form, you may feel low. Cutting down sugar consumption may lead to mood swings, irritability and severe headache. When you feel low, consume natural sugar like jaggery, palm sugar (organic not the refined one), honey, etc.

GrGradually-Reduce-the-Consumption-of-Sugaradually Reduce the Consumption of Sugar

Don’t cut down the intake of sugar drastically. Reduce the quantity into half. For instance, if you add two spoons of sugar for your coffee or tea, make it one.


Fruits-and-VegetablesFruits and Vegetables

Stock more fruits and sweet vegetables. Start eating more fruits alternative to sweet. There are hardly few fruits that lack sweetness and tastes sour. The major benefit of reducing sugar consumption is you will get used to eat more fruits and natural sugar.


Eat-more-Sweet-Vegetables-for-LunchEat more Sweet Vegetables for Lunch

During the first two or three days when you cut down sugar, add up more fruits or veggies like carrots, peas, sweet potato, squash, etc for your lunch. Eat some baby carrots!


Snack-on-Fruits-and-NutsSnack on Fruits and Nuts

The healthiest thing you can do to your body is snacking on fruits or nuts instead of pastries and fast foods. Apple, jackfruit, chikko, watermelon, mangoes, pineapple, guava, etc are sweetest fruits and you can get the natural sugar.


Artificial-SweetenersStay Away From Artificial Sweeteners

Never use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Artificial sweeteners aren’t healthy. They hold more calories than sugar. In fact, they are 5 to 10 times sweeter than the refined sugar itself.


Exercises-or-MediateExercises or Mediate To Beat the Low Energy

A piece of cake or any dessert makes you not only happy, but also increases your energy! If you are too exhausted due to low sugar intake, try to exercise your body and mind.


Add-CardamomAdd Cardamom to Trick Your Mind

Here is a secret to trick your mind about eating sweet foods. Cardamom is one of the aromatic spices, used extensively in desserts. Adding a pinch of cardamom elevates the flavor profile of foods. Cardamom spreads the pleasant aroma. So, add a bit of cardamom to milk based drink, say plaint milk or tea to trick your mind. A cup of refreshing cardamom tea with half a spoon of sugar will satiate your sugar cravings.


You will soon find how your body improves in many aspects, upon cutting down and gradually eliminating sugar consumption.

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