Control of the Senses

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Control of the Senses

Many aspirants fail to enter into Samadhi or Brahmic Bliss on account of restlessness of any one of the Indriyas (senses). Control of Indriyas is indispensably requisite for spiritual Sadhan.

Develop Vairag. Without Vairag and restraint of Indriyas no meditation and Samadhi is possible. Energy will leak out if Vairagya wanes. Vairag is non-attachment to sensual objects. It is a mental state.

Control the Indriyas. Through introspection find out which Indriya is troubling you and curb it ruthlessly. Give up the objects which the particular Indriya tries to grasp. Destroy the thirst for objects and sense-enjoyments. Then you will be established in Samadhi or Supreme Peace.
Discipline the Indriyas. Speak Truth. Talk little. Observe Mowna for two hours daily. Speak sweet, loving, soft words. Don’t utter harsh words. Don’s abuse anybody. This is the discipline of Vak Indriya, the organ of speech.

Don’ t go to cinemas. Don’t look at ladies with lustful eyes. When you move in the streets look at the tip of the nose or bit toe and walk. Don’t look hither and thither. This is the discipline of the eye, the organ of sight.

Don’t attend nautch parties and don’t hear vulgar music. Give up musical entertainments. Don’t hear worldly topics. This is the discipline of the ear, the organ of hearing.

Don’t use scents. This is the discipline of the nose, the organ of smell. Give up chillies, tamarind, tea, coffee, onions, sweetmeats, etc. Give up salt and sugar for a week. Live on simple food. Fast on Ekadashi days or live on milk. This is the discipline of the tongue, the organ of taste.

Observe Brahmacharya. This is the discipline of the reproductive organ. Sleep on a hard mat. Walk bare-footed. Don’t use an umbrella. This is the discipline of the skin, the organ of touch.

Fix the mind on your Ishta Devata. Bring it back again and again when it wanders and fix it on the image. This is the Sadhan for checking the wandering mind and developing concentration. By constant, regular practice, you can fix the mind steadily on god.

You may think or falsely conjecture that senses are under your control. You may be duped. All of a sudden you will become a victim or a slave. You must have not only control of one Indriya but also Param Vasyam orsupreme control of all the Indriyas. THE SENSES MAY BECOME TURBULENT AT ANY TIME. REACTION MAY SET IN. Beware !

May the Lord bestow on you Vairag, Vivek and inner Spiritual strength to control the Senses and enter into Samadhi !

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