The Ultimate Secret to Lose 5kgs of weight in 2 weeks

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The Ultimate Secret to Lose 5kgs of weight in 2 weeks

Gaining weight is really easy, but if you think of losing weight, it is really hard. You have to follow diet plans, exercise and follow all mental tricks to cut your weight down. Now if you fall in the category of losing weight, then you are at the right place. But is it feasible to lose 5kgs of weight in 2 weeks? Yes it is possible, but it is not a healthy way of losing weight.

The ideal way to lose weight in a healthy way is to follow a low-calorie diet and practice a lot of physical exercise. But this process will take a long time to get a flat tummy. You can speed the weight loss process by incorporating a few food types in your daily diet. This will get rid of water retention in your body and boost your metabolism by holding back your cravings.

What are the reasons for increase in weight?

Actually, the body weight of a person does not increase in a day. It gains only gradually. It is all because of our unhealthy food habits, irregular exercise habits and medical problems. Apart from this, there are other reasons also for weight gain, they are

  • Not consuming food in prescribed time2
  • Eating bulk food at a time
  • Eating pizza, burger and other junk foods during the night and going to bed directly
  • Consuming carbonated cool drinks, especially at night

How much food should a person aspiring to lose weight consume?

A male member who wishes to lose weight should take in only 1600 calories of food in a day and a woman 1200 calories. The entire secret of losing weight vests only in the type of foods we consume.

Will I Lose weight if I do not consume anything?3

It is a wrong concept. Those of who wish to lose weight should reduce the intake of carbs and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Even if you stop eating solid foods and drink loads of liquid, the gastric juices will damage the inner walls of your stomach, which will gradually result in ulcer and constipation. So, you should never miss to make solid foods as a part of your diet!


Here we present to you a few ways to lose weight in a healthy way.

  1. Ban all these whites: Cut out rice, food products made with white flour (all-purpose flour), sugar and salt. If you stop this, you will notice a change in your size because, all these foods will cause bloating in your stomach.  5
  2. Drink Loads of water: Water has no calories in it, but when you upgrade the liquid to a sports or energy drink, then each serving will have about 100 calories and it will not satisfy you too. So, water is a perfect drink to slim down. It will cleanse all the excess water weight retained in the body and push-start the metabolism. If it feels so boring to drink just water, add in lemon wedges or cucumber pieces or leaves of mint plant.
  3. Workout: Exercises will help in burning the calories off from the body. It is always better to join a class or have a team to practice your workout because, by this way, you will not feel lazy after few days and try to experiment something new. When you take your fitness training, ensure that all the segments of your body are involved in the physical activity.
  4. Sleep more: Sleep at least for 8 hours a day and relax your mind and body. This will help in giving you a gorgeous figure and better muscle tone.
  5. Eat in portions: Never consume in bulk. Eat in portions. Eat only when you are hungry. Do not over feed on foods.
  6. Stay on the top angle in Sex: It is an effective way to burn calories. However, you need to fasten with your better half every night at least for this. But, make sure, you stay on the top and make the rocking session, as this will burn 144 calories for every 30 minutes of activeness. The chemicals that are pumped out in your body during a sexual activity are the endorphins and neurotransmitters, this will deviate you away from food cravings.

The extra attachments in your body cannot run away all by itself. It needs to be pushed out. So try your best with the above tips and let us know your achievements!

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