5 Yoga Poses for Busy Women

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5 Yoga Poses for Busy Women

I’m too busy to do any exercises.

I need 48 hours a day.

I would really like if someone spare me some time for me!

Time is running just so fast only for me!

These are the common thoughts that revolve around the busy women! Busy women hardly find time to take care about themselves. Their busy schedules deprive the health gradually and they fell for many ailments unconsciously. The major reason is lack of proper self-care. Depression, obesity, unable to lose weight, arthritis, osteoporosis, menstruation, etc. affect the health of women mainly because they fail to take good about their health. Regular yoga practice for few minutes a day keeps the diseases at bay!

Giving you a list of few simple and easy yoga poses for busy women, which can be practiced at your comfort without worrying about the time constraints.

Deep Breathing Deep-Breathing

Start your yoga routine amidst your busy schedule with deep breathing exercises. Just follow the simple pranayama, the deep breathing technique for 5 minutes. Inhale and exhale slowly with purely concentrating on your breathing movement.

Pranayama provides more oxygen flow to your body, rejuvenates your body and mind, keep you energetic and combats the stress.



It is a very basic pose and it is referred as standing pose. Stand straight with toes of both legs touching each other. Raise your hands upwards and stretch it without raising your legs to the maximum you can.

The most important you should consider is standing straight.

Although it is a very simple pose, it has multiple benefits. The major benefit of tadasana is improvement in concentration and mental clarity.


  • Improvement in the posture
  • Reduces tension, anxiety, fatigue etc.
  • Improves awareness and promotes mind clarity
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Make you feel refreshed
  • Reduces knee pain



This is a very simple yoga asana that can be practiced all the time with no extra efforts.

Kneel down on the floor or mat. Make both the knees touch each other, fold your feet where the inner feet are placed upwards and sit on the cavity of your feet. Remember not to sit on the heel, it would harm the legs.

Keep your back straight and place both the hands on thighs.

This pose helps you shape and tone the thighs and strengthens the leg muscles. It also improves digestive function.

Whenever you sit on the floor, try to sit in this pose, an easy pose to reduce fat in the thighs.



Commonly referred as chair pose, you have to sit assuming that you sit in a chair. Practice this pose with no interruptions initially for 30 counts and gradually increase the pace. Stand straight, raise both the hands, bend the knees and take the position as you sit in a chair.

You will experience a kind of shivering and pain in the initial days. To get balance, take wall support to rest your back in the initial days.


Utkatasana improves the spine strength, shapes the body, tones the thighs and reduces the extra bulges in lower hip, thighs, etc.

It is one of the best yoga poses to lose weight.

BalasanaBalasanaBalasana is referred as child pose.

Sit on your knees, slowly bend down and make your head touch the floor. Make sure that your knees are together. Raise the hands over the head, stretch it from torso. Your butt should touch the feet and head touch the mat or floor and the arms over the head!

Benefits of Balasana:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Gives support and flexibility to internal organs
  • Stretches muscles in hip, belly, thighs, etc.
  • Soothes mind and alleviates fatigue

Balasana is not recommended when you suffer from diarrhoea, or if you have strain in knees.

Don’t worry about getting into regular routine for a few weeks. Just practice these poses whenever you feel comfortable. The uniqueness of these posts is they are very easy to perform in no time.

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