Yogic Alphabet

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Yogic Alphabet

1. Yogic Alphabet

Exercise No . I

Asans make you strong and healthy and eradicate many diseases.
Bhastrika Pranayam develops the lungs and destroys the germs of tuberculosis
and augments lung-power and lung-capacity.

Constipation is removed by the practice of Bhujang, Salabh and Dhanur Asans.
Dharurasan is a combination of Bhujand and Salabh Asans.
Eating in moderation, simple living and high thinking help the Yogic student to
attain his goal quickly.
Fasting eliminates poison, purifies the whole bodily system and invigorates the
Garbhasan augments the digestive power, increases the appetite and removes
many intestinal diseases.
Halasan makes the spine very elastic and very supple.
Indriyas should be controlled by the practice or Pratyahara and Dama.
Japa of OM or Hari OM should go hand in hand with Asan and Pranayama.
Kumbhak helps to attain longevity and awaken the Kundalini.
Lolasan strengthens the muscles of the arms and forearms.
Mind can be controlled by Vairagya, Abhyasa, Sat Sang, Vichara, eradication of
Vasanas, destruction fo egoism, Pranayama, meditation, and cultivation of
virtues such as mercy, complacency, self-denial, Santi and Santosh.

Nadi suddhi can be obtained by the practice of Pranayama.
Oordhava Padmasan checks wet-dreams, transmutes the sexual energy into Ojas.
Paschimottanasan removes fat, increases the gastric fire and cures diseases of the
Quetta Earthquake is nothing when compared to the agitation caused in the mind
by the turbulent senses.
Regularity in the practice of Asan and Pranayama is an indispensable requisite for
quick and solid process.
Sirshasan is King of all Asans. It transmutes seminal energy into Ojas, develops
memory and intellectual capacity and cures a host of ailments.
Tratak helps concentration of the mind and removes diseases of the eyes.
Uddiyana Bandha imparts beautiful health, strength, vigour and vitality and
removes the disorders of the alimentary system.

Vajrasan removes drowsiness, strengthens the spine, helps digestion and is very
useful for meditation.
Winter is the best time for a rigorous practice of Yoga.
Xerostomia or abnormal dryness of the mouth can be removed by the practice of
Sitali and Sitakari Pranayama.
Yoga Mudra cures the disorders of the abdomen and awakens the Kundalini.
Zerosis is a disease of the eye caused by a deficiency of vitamin “A”. This is
removed by the practice of mild Tratak and Sirshasan.

2. The Goal Of Life

In the whirlpool of fleeting sensual pleasures you have forgotten the purpose of life and the goal. You live more for the body than for the soul. In your pursuit after the phantom shows of worldly vanities, you have annihilated the spiritual instincts and longings of the soul. What a sad state ! Mysterious is Maya! Mysterious is Moha ! Open your eyes now. Wake up from the long slumber of ignorance. Realise the ultimate Reality and enjoy the eternal Bliss.

Spiritual wealth is the real inexhaustible wealth. Spiritual knowledge is the real knowledge. Spiritual life is the real life. Aspire. Know thy Self and be free. Regain the lost Divine Glory. Meditate and realize the Immortal Atma, the indweller of your heart, the inner Ruler, the Self-existent, Self-contained, Self-luminous imperishable soul.

This is a world of diversity. Intellects are different. Faces are different. Religions are different. Sounds are different. Faiths are different. Colours are different. But one thing is common in all. Every one of us wants Nitya Sukha (eternal happiness), infinite knowledge, Immortality, freedom and independence. These thins can be obtained by a knowledge of the Self alone.

Everybody wants eternal happiness or happiness that is not mixed with sorrow and pain. Every human effort is to achieve this happiness. But he does not know the peace wherefrom he can get this supreme bliss. If you want to emjoy supreme bliss you will have to realize the Self, or get knowledge of Atma. The best means to acquire this knowledge is the enquiry of ‘Who an I’? This enquiry has the potentiality of producing the quietness of mind which will enable it to wade through this ocean of Samasara. But this enquiry demands a subtle, sharp, pure intellect, bold understanding and gigantic will.

The goal of life is the attainment of Self-realisation or God-consciousness. There is one supreme undying intelligent principle or Essence or Atma or Brahman or the Supreme Self who dwells in the chambers of your heart. He exists in the past, present and future. He is existence Absolute, knowledge Absolute and bliss Absolute. Ignorant man vainly searches for his happiness in perishable external objects, that are conditioned by time, space and causation. He has no feeling of fulness. This feeling of fullness and amasses wealth, begets children, gets titles, honours, name, fame and yet his mind is restless. He has no abiding you and lasting happiness. He is still in want of something. He has no feeling of fullness. This felling of fullness and eternal satisfaction can only be obtained by realizing one’s own Self through self-restraint, purity and meditation.

There is restlessness everywhere. Selfishness, greed, wrath, lust abound on all sides. Fights, skirmishes, petty quarrels are polluting the atmosphere and creating discord, disharmony and unrest. The bugle is blown and soldiers are marching to the battlefield to kill their enemies. One nation is waging war against another nation for acquiring more dominions and more power. Side by side the peace movement is working silently for bringing concord, harmony and peace, for eradicating the dire ignorance, the root-cause of all human sufferings and disseminating Divine knowledge of Knowledge of the Self and infusing devotion into the hearts of the people. Mysterious is the universe! Still more mysterious is the silent workings of the unseen God, who prompts Rajasic people on the one side to wage war and the Sattwic people on the other side to start peace-centres for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge and for bringing peace to suffering humanity at large. Lor Jesus says : “Blessed are the peace –makers! For they shall be called the children of God”.
How long do you want to lead a life of duality, restlessness, discontentment and dissatisfaction ? How long do you wish to lead a life of ignorance, bitterness, hatred and separation ? How long do you wish to continue your selfish struggle ? How long do you want to behold differences and distinctions ? How long do you wish to keep your barrier between man and man ?

Peace is not merely the absence of noise, tumult, strife or quarrels, controversies or disputes. It can hardly be acquired from external sources. It is not a condition of environment from which all undesirable elements are removed. If three Sadhus live in a solitary cave in the Himalayas, if they fight amongst themselves if they harbour in their hearts jealousy, hatred and ill-will, they will pollute the most peaceful environment and the tranquil atmosphere of the place. In this state (of peace) there are no yesterdays and no tomorrows, no sunsets and no dawns. There is eternal sunshine.

Peace, God, Atma, Brahman, Freedom, Immortality, Kaivalya, Nirvana, Moksh, Param – Dhama, paramanada, prapthi are synonymous terms. Righteousness and peace kiss each other. Love and peace embrace each other. Peace and unity walk together with clasped hands. Desirelessness moves hand in hand with peace. There can be no peace without love of God.

The kingdom of peace is beyond all speech, thought and imagination. It can be reached only by patient spiritual practices. This peace is not an inert passive state. It is not a hypnotic trance. It is not a negative physical condition. It is a positive state of the spiritual attainment. It is your centre, ideal and goal. It is the pivot of human life. It is soul’s quest. It is perfect awareness. It is a magnanimous state in which the Yogi enjoys highest divine bliss and transcendental divine knowledge. The Yogi is in coomunion with the Supreme Soul or Paramatma. He becomes absolutely desireless and fearless, by drinking this divine nectar of peace.

Peace is your birthright. Peace is filling your beings within and without. Peace is in front of you, behind you, to the right, to the left, above and below. Peace is the only living reality. Names and forms are mere illusions. Realise this peace and be free. Wonderful is the power of peace that brings joy and eternal bliss.

Cross the wide ocean of strife by claming the mind through ceaseless meditation and reach the other shore of peace, fearlessness and immortality. Give up all selfish efforts and free yourself from the wild unrest of life.

Be still. Be in tune with the divine will. Let go all your worries. Cast out all cares and anxieties. Get deep down into the innermost recesses of your heart and plunge in the ocean of peace.

Live according to the Divine law of love or the golden rule. First endeavour to harmonise your own affairs. Establish first the kingdom of peace within your own heart. It is individual peace that paves the way towards universal Peace. The attainment of an inner calm is the greatest work you can do for humanity. A Yogi who has realized the peace that passeth understanding radiates peace to all the corners of the world. Those who come in contact with him are influenced by his sweet, soul-elevating harmonious vibrations. Hatred ceases in his presence.

It is useless to talk of the abolition of war while you are all full of petty jealousy and private hatred. Remove your discordant, inharmonious vibrations first. There will be no more war between nations then. Individuals go to consitute a nation. Lead an ideal life of peace. Kill ruthlessly all suspicion, prejudice of all sorts, envy, jealousy, selfishness, greed for power and possessions. Lead a simple life. Practise meditation daily and establish peace in your own heart. Then radiate it to your neighbours and all who come in contact with you. Disseminate it far and wide. Preach the gospel of peace to all men and women of the world.

If you annihilate selfishness, greed and egoism, Mother nature will work for you. Co-operate with her, and she will carry your burden of life on her head. You can remain quite at ease. You will be free from care, worries, anxieties, responsibilities and fear. The individual will become one with cosmic Will. Her aim and your aim will become one. Everything will become easy. Sadhana will go on by leaps and bounds. There will be no obstacles or impediments on your way. She will do everything for you. Whosoever surrenders his selfish aims and interests to the Will of the Lord will enjoy supreme peace and perennial bliss. You will find in Gita : “The disciplined self, moving among sense-objects with senses free from attraction and repulsion mastered by the self, goeth to Pace. In that peace the extinction of all pains ariseth for him; for of him whose heart is peaceful the Reason soon attaineth equilibrium. There is no pure Reason for the non-harmonised, nor for the non-harmonised is there concentration; for him without concentration there is no peace, and for the unpeaceful how can there be happiness / Who so forsaketh all desires and goeth onwards free from yearnings, selfishness and without egoism – he goeth to Peace” (II – 64, 65, 66 and 67).“The man who is full of faith obtaineth wisdom, and he also who hath mastery over his senses : and having obtained wisdom he Goethe swiftly to the supreme Peace”. (Chap. IV – 39).“The Peace of the ETERNAL lies near to those who know themselves, who are disjoined from desire and anger, subdued in nature, of subdued thoughts”. (V- 26).

Anger, greed, jealousy, hatred, are all enemies of peace. Develop goodwill, co-operation, mercy, compassion, non-resistance or non-retaliation to injuries done to you, forgiveness, contentment, nobility and cosmic love. Pray for him who has done you harm. Send thought-currents of peace and goodwill to him and the whole world at large when you sit for meditation.

You can find this Peace a\only in stillness. Sit silently in a quiet room from half-an-hour to one hour. Close your eyes. Relax the muscles and nerves. Concentrate on a point between the two eyebrows. Withdraw the senses and the mind from the external object. Silence and surging emotions and bubbling thoughts. Forget the body and the world. Enter into the great calm or the secret Place of the Most High. You will find God who is Peace in the quietude of your inmost being. Have four sittings in winter and two in summer. Be regular in your practice. Regularity is of paramount importance. You can grow spiritually only if you are regular in your practice. If you yourself can enjoy peace, you can contribute peace to the world.

Attain to the peace that passeth understanding by silencing the bubbling thoughts and eradicating all desires, cravings or hankerings after worldly things. Reach the kingdom of inner stillness or domain of infinite peace through spiritual meditation. If you can still you mind you can still a tempest or a cyclone or the surging sea. Rest in the ocean of peace. Root your life in the Self within. Now you will be able to neutralize the dark forces of hatred, jealousy, disharmony, rupture and destruction.

Peace can be found only within. You certainly cannot find it in external objects. Wealth, women, children, properly, palatial buildings cannot give you everlasting peace. Look within. Realise your oneness with the One Supreme – Intelligence and Wisdom that dwell within the chambers of your heart. When you are established in the Highest Self within, you will not be shaken even by heavy sorrow, loss or failure, inharmonious or disagreeable vibrations. You will tide over all difficulties or crises of life easily and will come back with triumph in all life’s experiences. Mysterious is this Peace! Marvellous is this Peace! Realise this Peace that passeth all understanding and be free. Float in this ocean of peace and rejoice in the Peace of your own self. May this Peace guide you all. May this Peace be you ideal, centre and goal.

Peace be to the East. Peace be to the West. Peace be to the North. Peace be to the South. Peace be above. Peace be below. Peace be to all creatures of this universe.

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