GM Diet Plan – Effective and Easy weight loss diet plan

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GM Diet Plan – Effective and Easy weight loss diet plan

The major concept of GM diet plan is cleansing and detoxifying the body where the intake of regular food is not allowed. It facilitates quit weight loss and improves the well-being of the dieters. It is also called as seven-day diet plan where the diet lasts for seven days.

If you are looking forward to detox and lose some pounds in a week, you can try this diet plan, GM Diet plan. GM diet plan is exclusively derived for the employees of the General Motors Company, United States to maintain the health and fitness of the employees. It is now spread across the globe and is considered an effective and easy weight loss diet plan.

Following is the GM diet menu to be followed. The diet plan lasts for seven days.

Day 1 allows eating only fruits for the entire day. The choice of fruits can be consumed without any restriction except bananas. Some of the highly recommended fruits are watermelon, muskmelon, berries, papaya, apple, pine apple, guava, etc.

Day 2 allows the intake of vegetables either in the form of raw or semi boiled or boiled vegetables or sautéed or dry roasted veggies without adding oil. A big bowl of boiled potato forms the breakfast and other recommended veggies include cabbage, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, greens, beetroot, radish, etc. Potato for breakfast gives a lot of energy.

Day 3 allows combination of veggies and fruits except banana and Potato. There is no restriction on the quantity of intake of fruits and vegetables.

Day 4 allows consumption of 4 – 6 glasses of skimmed or fat-free milk with 6 large bananas. No other fruits or veggies are allowed to consume except milk and banana.

Day 5 introduces the rice or boiled meat (if you are meat lovers) to the dieters where they can include boiled meat, boiled fish, and brown rice with tomatoes. Two bowls of lean meat or lentil and two bowls of brown rice is the limit of consumption. Minimum of six large tomatoes should be consumed raw or in form of plain tomato juice with pepper

Day 6 allows the dieters to take vegetables with lean meat and brown rice of two bowls.

Day 7 includes all food choices allowed in the preceding 6 days in the GM diet plan along with fresh fruit juices.

GM diet plan, easy weight loss diet plan for rapid weight loss require the dieters to drink around 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. Alcohol consumption is restricted. After completion of this easy weight loss diet plan, the dieter can shed around 2 to 4 kg weight in a week.

However, remember, you shouldn’t follow this weight loss plan regularly. Give a break of 3 to 4 weeks to start with the next schedule. This diet gives you a good detox and you will feel light and healthy.

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