Research reveals Cassia Auriculata can be effective in fighting diabetes!

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Research reveals Cassia Auriculata can be effective in fighting diabetes!

Having Diabetes and being happy is indeed a challenge! Specially, when you wake up in pain someday and you pull yourself out of your bed, and start pricking your finger to check your blood sugar level and your smile changes, when you view the monitor. But, why do you lose your smile? Is it because of the jeopardy, that diabetes is slowly eating your life Span? Or is it because you have to give up on sweets completely and eat a bland food for lifetime?

Okay, now we ask you another question, if you are frightened by diabetes, what self-management measures are you taking to control it?

A study conducted by a few Swedish doctors at the University of Gothenburg reveal that the mortality rate is high among people with type 2 Diabetes who did not follow any glycemic control methods. More than 2 million people were followed in the study from the year 1998 to 2011. During the tenure of the study, about 17.7% of the people with diabetes died when compared to 14.5% of the people who controlled it.

One of the specialists from the team Dr. Lind, told in an interview with Medscape Medical News that when, Type 2 diabetes is detected early and is controlled properly from the diagnosis it will lower the risks of mortality and they can live a healthy life.

The common & major complications that could arise of badly controlled Diabetes:

  • Glaucoma & Cataract problems upset the eyes
  • Gangrene in foot
  • Ischemic heart disease, it arises as the blood supply to the heart muscle gets diminished
  • Patients with diabetes develop the risk of hearing problems in the long run
  • The muscles of the stomach stop working properly, resulting in Gastroparesis
  • Kidney problems might be faced in the long run
  • Erectile Dysfunction in Men
  • And it will take a longer time for the wounds to get cured

The most common self-management measures taken by a person with Diabetes are

  • Making tablets a part of the daily life for maximum therapeutic effectiveness
  • Integrating nutritional management into lifestyle
  • Making Physical activity a part of the lifestyle
  • Monitoring blood glucose frequently

But, are these the only available resolutions? No it is not.

Cassia Auriculata’s influence over Diabetes: Research Brief

The Faculty of the Department of Biochemistry, L. Pari and M. Latha, of Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, has identified that a small shrub, Cassia Auriculata – can relieve one from the stress of the daily routine that is followed to keep diabetes intact.

Yes! Many research studies have also supported this Cassia Auriculata. It is a shrub that is grown in many parts of India and Asia. The plant itself is a boon to any person as the flower, stem, unripe fruit, root, stem all contribute to the treatments in Ayurvedic medicine.

This plant was used widely in the olden ages to treat Diabetes mellitus. The faculties of The Ethnopharmacology unit of V.O.Chidambaram College, TamilNadu, conducted a study on the Antidiabetic and Antioxidant activity of Cassia Auriculata and found out that an oral administration of flower extract of 0.45 g/kg body weight, when followed for 30 days resulted in a significant reduction in the blood glucose level and increased the secretion of insulin.

Where do you get cassia Auriculata?

This plant grows in dry and warm areas. It is found in major parts of India. It can survive only on dry stony hills, along road side, in waste land, and degraded forest. It is available in common in Maharashtra, Gujarat and in Southern parts of India.

Benefits of consuming Cassia Auriculata

  • It is a good laxative
  • It helps cure diabetes
  • Refreshes body
  • Treats skin diseases
  • Cures menstrual problems &
  • Relieves pain

How to consume cassia Auriculata?

There are many ways to use the flower. Some people even eat it raw. But it is bitter in taste. You can try the following method to make it taste better.

  • Dry the flowers.
  • Powder it and mix it with normal tea and devour two cups daily.

You will not get any immediate results so, wait for a few months. Your blood sugar levels will come down gradually. And you will reach a state, where you can completely stop taking your medicines that cause side effects. But, you should have a strict diet plan here too.

If you live in a place, where it is difficult for you to find the Cassia Auriculata flowers or if you have a busy schedule and not have any time to spend in the drying and grinding process, you can get the Cassia Auriculata/Avaram Poo tea powder which is available in the market by the name Diatea, it is a pure form of the preparation.

Diabetes is a horrible life threatening medical condition, but if you provide a proper care, you can slay it down!

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