Does Arthritis Limiting Your Daily Activities? Here Is The Solution….

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Does Arthritis Limiting Your Daily Activities? Here Is The Solution….

A population-based survey of individuals with chronic medical conditions reveals that those suffering from arthritis experience the most restriction of mobility. By the year 2020, however, approximately 60 million Americans will be afflicted with some form of arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

“Arthritis” means inflammation of the joints, and it might cause pain, swelling, and limited motion of one or many joints in the body. More than 100 different illnesses can cause arthritis.

Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Knee Pain often aggravated with weight bearing activities such as walking, going up or down stairs, kneeling and squatting
  • Knee stiffness & swelling
  • Clicking or grating
  • Decreased strength of the lower limb muscles

Treatment for Arthritis

Even though, there’s no cure for arthritis, joint pain and other arthritis pain symptoms can often be managed successfully with a combination of therapies. Here are the few:

Physical therapy:

Physical therapy works to strengthen joints that have been weakened by damage and inflammation and also helps to alleviate pain.

Physiotherapy can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, as well as improve range of motion, making you more mobile.

Occupational Therapy:

This is another form of therapy that teaches patients how to manage arthritis pain, and work around it to achieve a higher level of mobility and comfort.

A therapist can show you how to best protect your joints from strain and damage that can lead to more joint pain.

Massage Therapy:

A massage therapist can help you to manage arthritis pain by massaging, kneading, and rubbing muscles and joints to boost blood circulation to the painful areas.

So what are the best choices when it comes to arthritis remedies for joint pain? Yes… you’re right, i.e. “The Ones That Manages Your Pain Effectively”. Sherway Physiotherapy & Laser Therapy, the leading Physiotherapy clinic in Etobicoke promotes optimal mobility and enhances their overall health and wellness to keep injuries from re-occurring by teaching clients how to maintain pain free body.

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