Physiotherapy – An Effectual Treatment for Stroke Patients

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Physiotherapy – An Effectual Treatment for Stroke Patients

Stroke can be best explained as a brain attack or damage to the brain cells when blood flow towards them gets interrupted. Depending on the severity of damage, stroke can cause paralysis, loss of memory and reasoning ability, speech impairment or even death. Seeing your loved one affected by stroke can be pretty devastating. However, the chances of recovery are always on the horizon with physiotherapy treatments. Physiotherapy has been proven to be effective for patients to recover from disabilities, despite it being time consuming.

  • Physiotherapy has become mandatory for stroke patients as the possibility for limbs to go gangrene are high if not practiced. Physiotherapy exercises should be dedicatedly followed through the course till recovery. Patient’s family members are taught about the methodologies and techniques to assist them through recovery period.
  • Physiotherapists recommend exercises such as stretching, deep breathing, coughing and other kinds of exercises to patients. They are also prescribed medicines, suctioning, massages and percussion instruments for recovery.
  • If the patient is suffering from speech impairment, physiotherapists can assist them with speaking exercises. Various techniques are taught to patients with usually three hours set aside for the exercise sessions with which patients can improve their speaking ability in a few months.
  • Exercises are also taught for those patients who’d like to do things such as walking and sitting without anyone’s help.

Recommended Physiotherapy Exercises:

  1. Aerobic exercises such as walking, running, stepping is recommended for stroke patients with mild to medium disability.
  2. Range-of-Motion (ROM) exercise involves the movement of limbs which will be done by a therapist, as the patient cannot do it on their own.
  3. Coordination exercise improves daily activities such as walking and sitting. One type of coordination exercise is shifting weight from one leg to the other.
  4. Strengthening exercise such as using light weights and resistance bands can strengthen muscles and reduce pain.

By adopting an effective physiotherapy course, recovering from the effects of stroke is possible for everyone.

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