Understanding All Your Senior Living Options

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Understanding All Your Senior Living Options

Seniors living alone are often more at the risk of experiencing social isolation. Even though, there are many reasons why a senior is socially isolated, the effects still remains the same:

  • A decline in physical health
  • Mental health issues like depression
  • An increased risk for cognitive decline
  • An increased risk for falls and readmission to a hospital

With the average of 78 million baby boomers starting to retire at a rate of 8,000 a day, more and more seniors will face the serious effects of isolation in the coming years. This is why it is so important to help your loved one stay as socially active as possible to form healthy relationships. Here comes the importance of senior living communities.

The following are the few of the ways to help your loved one avoid isolation.

Consider Moving to a Senior Living Community:

To avoid getting lonely, one of the best ways is to move into a senior living community. These senior living communities in Topeka KS mainly focus on offering a wide range of social activities and events that keep residents busy building meaningful relationships with their peers.

Give Them a New Meaning to Life:

Give them a sense of purpose and new hope by encouraging your loved one to start a new hobby like joining a club, taking a Yoga class or meeting friends for a game of cards etc. These can promote the social interaction that he/she may need on weekly or monthly basis.

Enlist a Furry Friend for Your Loved One:

A recent study shows that seniors who own pets suffer less depression and feel more stable and secure. Pets offer a variety of benefits for seniors, like companionship, emotional support, and a way to stay physically active.

Encourage Social Dining:

Eating meals together provides a great opportunity to engage in social interactions. And also, seniors who eat in a social setting tend to eat more and have better nutrition habits. Encourage your loved one to dine with others whenever possible. Nowadays, many senior assisted living communities in Topeka KS are now offering social dining option to make their residents socially connected.

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