Importance Of Brahmacharya

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Importance Of Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is the vow of celibacy in thought, word and deed, by which one attains self-realisation or reaches Brahman. It means control of not only the reproductive indirya (organ) but also the control of all senses in thought, word and deed. The door to Nirvana or perfection is complete Brahmacharya. Complete celibacy is the master-key to open the realms of elysian bliss. The avenue to the abode of supreme peace begins from Brahmacharya or purify

A Brahmachari is one who is attempting to realise Brahman by his conducting a life of absolute celibacy. Brahmacharya is the conduct of leading a celibate life. “Yanmanasa Dhayati tad vacha vadati, yad vacha vadati tad karmanan karoti – That which is thought is spoken by the mouth ; that which the mouth speaks the organs of action do”. That is the reason why it is said in the Vedas: “Thanmenmanah subha sankalpamastu – Let my mind think of auspicious things”. Entertain sublime divine thoughts. The old evil sexual thoughts will gradually vanish, just as the old nail in a plank is driven by inserting over it a new nail.

“Brahmacharya Tapasya Deve Mrityupagnata – The Vedas declare that by Brahmacharya and penance the Devas have conquered death”. How did Hanuman become a Mahavir? It is with this weapon of Brahmacharya that he acquired unsurpassable strength and valour. The great Bishma, the grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas, conquered death by Brahmacharya. It is only Lakshman, the ideal Brahmachari, who pur down the man of inestimable prowess, the conqueror of the three worlds Meghanada, son of Ravana. Even Lord Rama could not face him. It is through the force of Brahamacharya that Lakshman wa able to defeact that invincible Meghanada. The valour and greatness of emperor Prithviraj was due to the strength of Brahmacharya. There is nothing in the three worlds that cannot be obtained by a Brahmachari. The Rishis or yore knew fully well of the value of Brahmacharya and that is the reason why they have sung in beautiful verses about its glory and importance.

The Srutis declare : “Nayam Atma balahinena labhyate – This Atma is not attainable by a weak man”. In Gita you will find : “Yadichando Brahmacharyan charanti – the desiring which Brahmacharya is performed : “Trividam naragasyedam dwaram nasanmatmananha Kamah krodhascha lobhas tasmatelat, thrayam thyajet – O Arjuna, triple is the gate of the hell, destructive of the Self; lust, wrath and greed; therefore let man renounce thses three”. “Jahi shashrum mahabaho kamarupam durasidam – kill this powerful enemy passion by the observance of Brahmacharya”. They fly runs towards the fire or lamp thinking that it is a flower and gets burnt up. Even so the passionate man runs towards a false beautiful form thinking that he can obtain real happiness and gets burnt up in the fire of lust.

Practice of Brahmacharya gives good health, inner strength, peace of mind and a long life. It invigorates the mind and nerves. It helps to conserve physical and mental energy. It augments strength, vigour and vitality. It gives one power to face the difficulties of daily life. A perfect Brahmachari can move the world, and can even command the five elements like Jnana Deva.
Pure, water, pure air, wholesome food, physical exercises, outdoor games, walking, rowing, swimming, light games like tennis – all contribute to the maintenance of good health, strength and a high standard of vigour and vitality. There are indeed many ways to gain health and strength. These ways are indispensably requisite. But Brahmacharya is the most important of all. It is the master-key for opening the realms of health and happiness. It is the cornerstone of bliss and unalloyed felicity. It is the only specific that maintains true manliness.

Brahmacharya is the basis for acquiring immortality. It brings material progress and psychic advancement. It is a substratum for a life of peace in Atma. It is a potent weapon for waging war against the internal Asuras, viz., Kama, Krodha, Lobha, etc. It contributes perennial joy, uninterrupted and undecaying bliss. It gives tremendous energy, a clear brain, great will-power, bold understanding, a retentive memory and good Vichara Shakti. Throught Brahmacharya and Brahmacharya alone you can have physical, mental and spiritual advancement in life.

Ojas Shakti is spiritual energy that is stored up in the brain. By sublime thoughts, meditation, Japa, Worship, Asan and Pranayam practice, the sexual energy can be transmuted into Ojas Shakti and be stored up in the brain. This energy can be utilized for Divine contemplation and spiritual pursuits.

Purify of food brings purity of mind. That power which connects the body and the mind is present in the food that we take. Various kinds of food have various effects on the mind. There are certain kinds of food that make the mind and the body very strong and steady. So it is absolutely essential that we should take pure and Sattwic food. Food has a very close connection with Brahmacharya. If proper attention si given to the purity of food we take, Brahmacharya becomes quite easy.

A glutton can never become a Brahmchari. Control of the tongue is a sine qua non if you want to observe Brahmacharya. There is an intimate connection between the tongue and the organ of generation. Tongue is an organ of knowledge. It is bron of the Sattwic portion of the water-tanmatra. The organ of generation is an organ of action. It is bron of Rajasic portion of the water-tanmatra. They are sister rgans as the source is the same. If the tongue is stimulated by Rajasic food, at once the reproductive organ also gets excited. There should be selection and restriction in diet. The food of a Brahmachari must be simple, bland, spiceless, non—irritating and non-stimulating. Moderation in food is also very necessary. Overloading the stomach is highly deleterious. Fruits are highly beneficial. You should take food only when you are really hungry. The stomach will deceive you at times. You may have false hunger ; but when you sit down for taking meals, you will have no relish. Dietetic restrictions and fasting are very useful auxiliaries in controlling the carnal mind and the attainment of Brahmacharya. You should not ignore or make light of them on any account.

The senses are very turbulent. The powerful tubercle bacillus that causes consumption is attacked on all sides by the doctor by various methods like local rubbing, injection, mixtures, powders, etc. So also the senses must be controlled by various methods such as fasting, restriction in diet, Pranayam, Japa, Kirtan, Meditation, Pratyahara or abstraction of mind from objects, Dama or self-restraint, Asans, Bandhas, Mudras, thought-control, destruction of Vasanas, etc.
The control of the tongue is a sine qua non if you want to control lust. The tongue must be controlled first. Then it will be easy to control passion. Delicious Rajasic foods excite the organ of generation.

One drop of semen is manufactured out of 40 drops of blood according to medical science. According to the Ayurveda, it is elaborated out of 80 drops of blood. Just as sugar is all-pervading in the sugarcane, butter in milk, so also semen pervades the whole body. Just as buttermilk is thin after the butter has been removed, so also semen is thinned by its wastage. The more the wastage of semen, the greater the weakness. In Yoga Shastras it is said : “Maranam bindu patanat jivananam bindu rakshanat – falling of semen brings death; preservation of semen gives life”. Semen is the real vitality of men. It is the hidden treasure for man. It imvitality of men. It is the hidden treasure for man. It imparts Brahma. Tejas to the face and strength to the intellect.

If the spermatic secretion in men is continuous, it must either be expelled or reabsorbed. As a result of the most patient and persevering scientific investigations it has been found that whenever the seminal secretions are conserved and thereby reabsorbed into the system, it goes towards enriching the blood and strengthening the brain. Dr. Dio Louis taught that the conservation of this element is essential to strength of body, vigour of mankind and keenness of intellect.

Another writer, Dr. E.P. Miller, says : “All wastes of spermatic secretions, either voluntary or involuntary, is a direct waste of life force. It is almost universally conceded that the choicest elements of the blood enter into the composition of the spermatic secretion. If these conclusions are correct, then it follows that a chaste life is essential to man’s well being”.

Jus as oil is sucked up by a wick and burns with lowing light, so also the Veerya or semen flows up by the practice of Yoga Sadhana and is converted into Jejas or Ojas. The Brahmachari shines with Brahmic aura in his face. Brahmacharya is the bright light that shines in the house of human body. It is the fully blossomed flower of life around which bees of strength, patience, knowledge, purity and Dhrii wander about humming hither and thither. In other words, he who observes Brahmacharya will be endowed with the above qualities. The Hindu Scriptures declare emphatically : “Ayastheto balam veeryam prapana seerscha : Punyam cha sat pariyatawam cha vardhayet Brachmacharya – By the practice of Brahmacharya, longevity, glory, strength, vigour, knowledge, wealth, undecaying fame, virtures, devotion to Truth increase”.

Regular meditation and Japa of Mantra, Sattwic food, Sat Sangha (association with Sadhus, wise and great men), practice of Pranayam, Asanas, study of religious bookds, Vichara or the enquiry into the nature of Atma Self or “Who am I?” seclusion, will entirely annihilate lust, however powerful the old Samskaras and Vasanas may be. Positive always overcomes negative. You need not be discouraged at any rate. Plunge yourself seriously in Yogic practice, kill this Maya and come out civtorious in the struggle. Shine as a brilliant Yogi.

Blessed is the Brahmachari who has taken the vow of celibacy for the whole lfie. Twice blessed is that Brahmachari who is sincerely struggling to destroy lust and attain perfect purity. Thrice blessed is that Brahmachari who has completely rooted out lust and has attained Self-realisation. Glory to such exalted Brahmacharis ! They are veritable Gods on the earth. May their blessings be upon you all !

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