What Are All The Facts To Know About Tooth Fillings?

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What Are All The Facts To Know About Tooth Fillings?

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When you happen to suffer tooth cavities or any other cracks in the tooth, dental fillings are considered to be the best and excellent solution! They help protect your teeth from further decay or cracks which may even damage your entire tooth. A tooth filling is considered to be one of the extremely safe dental procedures. Nowadays, there are different sorts of tooth fillings available, and the expert Dentist in Balmain help you find the best one!

What Do You Mean By Tooth Fillings?

It’s the dental restorative material which is used to restore the function and the shape of one or more teeth. They are positioned in the place of cavities, and they help prevent further damage. When the material gets placed in the hole created by the cavity, it is hardened, and the tooth can function properly again.

What’s The Need For Dental Fillings?

The bacteria in the mouth generate a form of acid which destroys the tooth. Within a short span of time, this generation of acid will form a hole in the tooth known as a cavity. With regular brushing and flossing, you could remove the harmful bacteria from the mouth. But, when you fail to clean your teeth, the tooth decay will get worse which leads to distress, pain, and finally infections. This infection may even require a root canal therapy or the loss of the entire tooth. All these difficulties could be overcome with the help of dental fillings.

What’s The Procedure Involved in Dental Filling?

During the initial visit, the Balmain dentist thoroughly examines your teeth and removes all the harmful bacteria from the mouth. Depending on the severity of decay that your tooth has experienced, the treatment time may differ. After cleaning, the dentist fills the hole with the tooth filling. After hardening, he will then shape the filling. Tooth fillings protect your tooth from further damage.

What Are All The Types Of Tooth Fillings?

Dental fillings are made of different materials. The Dentist in Balmain will help you make a perfect choice of what kind of material to be used. It’s based on the severity of your damage, the cost, and your health conditions. Some of them are as follows:

  • Composite fillings: They are made of a tooth-coloured mixture of glass and resin which is specially designed to match the colour of your natural teeth.
  • Amalgam fillings: They are silver in colour; it’s made of a blend of metals such as silver, copper, tin and mercury. They are strong and long-lasting.

How to Maintain Your Tooth Filling?

It’s just like maintaining your normal teeth. You must brush and floss every day, visit your dentist for periodic dental check-ups. After the treatment, when you happen to suffer any pain, immediately contact your dentist!

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