Teeth Whitening – To Make Your Dream Smile A Reality!

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Teeth Whitening – To Make Your Dream Smile A Reality!

Every one of us wishes to flaunt a flawless white smile. Living in a world of teeth staining necessities like soda, coffee and tea we lose the white colour of the teeth gradually. Most people who wanted to have the brighter smile are hesitant to take treatments. But, having the beautiful smile is much easier than you ever think.

There are many myths about the whitening procedure leading to so many questions about it. Are there natural remedies, Is it a safe procedure? Do they work?

Tooth whitening by dentist in Blacktown is the most conservative and safest dental procedure available in the modern dentistry. Let us help you with answers for some of the questions revolving on the internet today about teeth whitening.

Why Do Our Teeth Turn Yellow?

Teeth lose its shine as a result of the dark drinks we have in our day-to-day life. But these stains are at the surface and can be removed with regular brushing and visiting your dentist. But the reason for yellow colour is behind it. As the enamel of the teeth wears from natural aging, acidic foods and scuff, it exposes the yellow layer behind it.

How Do Professional Teeth Whitening Works?

Though there are wide ranges of teeth whitening options available, having it done under the hands of a professional is the best. The dentist will first clean your teeth, take impressions of your teeth and give you trays with gel that will fit perfect to your teeth. This gel will seep into the stained area and release oxygen. The oxygen released will break the staining molecules giving you the pearly white teeth. You will then have some follow-ups with the dentist.

Do Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Not at all!! You may experience slight sensitivity during the procedure which is completely normal.

Moreover, you can be more relaxed under the hands of a professional. In the Blacktown dental, the dentists will use a number of teeth whitening treatments form Pola to Opalescence that can be either used in the office or at home.

How White Will My Teeth Get?

It is with your oral health and how well and long you use the whitening gel. Once the doctor gives you the trays with the gel you should use as directed by him. Once you achieve the desired brightness, you can stop and save for later. You should visit your Blacktown dental clinic to check your progress.

But if your teeth are more damaged, you may not get the desired brightness which your dentist would say you at the initial consultations.

Tips For Teeth Whitening:

  1. Get your general dental checkups done before starting a whitening treatment.
  2. Before you start on with any whitening products, consult your dentist in Blacktown.
  3. Make sure the tray is of good quality and fits good, if not intimate your dentist.
  4. You will feel some sensitivity during the procedure, which will be gone once the treatment is done.
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