Kids Dentistry Because A Healthy Smile Begins With A Child!

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Kids Dentistry Because A Healthy Smile Begins With A Child!

Every one of us has had the baby teeth which gets replaced with permanent ones as we grow.  Most people experience some tooth decay in their baby teeth, which they will leave them unattended with a thought that they will be replaced. But, these cavities if left unattended can affect you more than you think.

Maintaining the baby teeth healthy ensures proper development of their attractive smile, their speech and nutrition. So, as a parent it is your responsibility to save your child’s teeth. You can visit your nearby dentist in Parramatta for tips and advices.

What Damages Can A Cavity Cause?

A damaged tooth can:

  • Impede your kid from eating good and healthy foods.
  • Cause severe toothache.
  • Affect your child’s self-esteem.
  • Result in misaligned teeth requiring braces.
  • Alter the growth of permanent teeth.
  • Lead to infection that can spread to adjacent teeth.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cavities In The Baby Teeth?

Children with tooth decay or cavity in their baby teeth will face oral health problems now and also in the future. The cavities in their teeth will be quiet obvious to see but to diagnose and treat visit your dentist in Parramatta when you notice any of the following symptoms.

  • Severe pain in the gum line and a localised area,
  • Pain while chewing food.
  • Any visible holes or discolouration in the teeth.
  • Sensitivity while eating hot or cold foods.
  • Bad breath that is not alleviated with brushing and mouthwash.

How To Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Safe?

If your baby’s teeth are lost early or damaged, it may result in speech problems, crooked teeth and even result in damaged adult teeth. Here are some tips to preserve those cute baby teeth.

  1. Start brushing his teeth as soon as his first teeth come out of the gums. With time, this will become his habit.
  2. Wipe his gums with clean cloth or gauze after every time you feed him.
  3. Start flossing once all the teeth come in and teach your kid to floss and its importance.
  4. Even when he has not developed teeth, clean those areas thoroughly.
  5. Schedule regular visits to your dentists in Parramatta.

Practice good oral hygiene from the very young age, because today’s efforts will pay him for a lifetime,

When Would Your Child Need To Visit An Emergency Dentist In Parramatta?

An emergency visit to the dentist for your child is required when he needs immediate medical attention. Some of the prevailing conditions requiring emergency visits include:

  1. Tooth loss: If your child unexpectedly loses his tooth and starts bleeding you will need emergency help. Before you go to the dentist, to make sure to keep the tooth moist with salt water or milk on your way.
  2. When your baby gets his tooth chipped or broken or displacement you have to rush to the dentist.
  3. The nasty infection – dental abscess can also take you to the emergency dentist.
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