Health And Freedom

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Health And Freedom


The whole universe from the mighty sun to the tiniest atom is controlled by law. There is perfect order everywhere. The sun performs its duties quite regularly. It rises at the proper time and sets at the proper time. The starts and planets revolve in an orderly manner. They are governed by laws. There are laws in the mental plane. There are laws of physics, of astronomy, of mathematics. There are laws of hygiene and health which govern our own being. In the vast universe man alone is the breaker of laws and the violator of rules. He is the single example of lawlessness and discord. He willfully disregards the laws of health, leads a life of dissipation and then wonders why he suffers from diseases and disharmony. He deliberately ignores the rules of hygiene and right living and then weeps when he is ailing from an incurable malady.

What is that precious thing that makes life worth living? It is health. Will you sing today the song of “Sariram Adhyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam – Body is indeed the foremost essential thing for the attainment of the goal of human existence or in other words it is verily the first important means in the accomplishment of the object of human life.” Charak Maharishi says in his Samhita (Charaka Samhita): “Dharmartha kama mokshanam arogyam moolamuttamam. Rogastasya aphartara sreyaso jivitayacha – Health is the bet cause of virtue, wealth, desire and emancipation, and is the blessedness of life. Diseases are the destroyers of health”. The laws for the preservation of health should receive your foremost and first consideration. The laws of health are the laws of nature. These cannot be violated with impurity. Those who neglect these laws become victims to incurable diseases and drag on a cheerless existence.

Sattwic ahara or good wholesome food rich in vitamins, or a well-balanced diet, systematic practice of Asan and Pranayam, right and simple living and right thinking are the important requisites for the preservation of health and the attainment of a high standard of vigour and vitality. These are the sublime principles on which the Rishis and Yogins of yore lived a logn peaceful life. These are the important methods on which they based the system of Yoga to achieve perfection in health of body and mind. These are the supports on which the sinking nation must fall back if it wishes to regain her lost glory and splendour.

The world needs good healthy mothers, healthy and strong boys and girls. What do we find in these days in India? India, the land which produced Bhishma, Bhima, Arjuna, Drona, Aswattama, Kripa, Parashuram and countless other chivalrous warriors, the soil which contained numberless Rajput chiefs of undaunted intrepidity, unparalleled chivalry weaklings. Children beget children. The lows of health are ignored and neglected. The nation is suffering and dying. The world requires numberless brave, moral Adhyatmic soldiers who are equipped with the five virtues, viz. Ahimsa, Satyam, Asteya, Brahmacharya and Aparigraha. Those who possess health and strength, those who are endowed with the above five virtues, those who have knowledge of the Self they alone can secure real freedom for the world.

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    Gopakumar Nair belongs to a Hereditary Ayurvedic family of Kerala who were Practising Ayurveda and traditional Medicine for 200 Years . They can be traced back to over six generations. His experience under the guidance of his guru Valiya thampuraan has earned lot of trust and popularity.

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