General Guidelines on the Frequency of Getting Massage

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General Guidelines on the Frequency of Getting Massage

Even though massages have been around for thousands of years, more and more people are finally taking advantage of its many health benefits. There are different types of massage therapies for almost every need such as improving blood circulation, emphasizing lymphatic drainage and more. Moreover, it can also help you in relieving pain, reducing the effects of stress, lowering blood pressure, and more.

As an experienced Albuquerque massage therapist, the one question that often I come across is, “How often should I receive a massage?”

The answer is, it depends on the person who is opting for a massage in Albuquerque and the type of health benefit he or she hopes to receive. Here is a compiled list of a few general guidelines that give you a clear insight on how often you should opt for massage therapy.

General Wellness

If you are aiming for general wellness, then you should get massage therapy once or twice a month. This enables clients to receive all the health benefits and allows each massage to build upon the last so that you are not essentially starting over from scratch each time.

Chronic Pain Management

Some people walk into the salon or call a mobile massage in Albuquerque for the treatment of a chronic condition such as migraines, neck aches and backaches. In such cases, you should get massages two times a week for the first four to six weeks, and then gradually increase the time between sessions as symptoms improve. This is because chronic pain cannot be solved in a single session and can be well managed by regular, effective massages.

Sports Massage Therapy

For athletes who want to maintain muscle health and flexibility, then sports massage therapy is a must. People who are heavily involved in sports should get a massage in Albuquerque as often as two to three times per week during periods of intense training.

Relieving Stress

Did you know massage helps combat stress, anxiety and insomnia related to stress? If you are a person who is going through a stressful situation or leading a high-stress life, then aim at receiving a massage every one to two weeks.


Some people contact a massage therapist as a part of their treatment plan for an illness or disorder. Based on the circumstances and the severity of the illness, the frequency of the disease may vary greatly. Getting the right massages that suit your particular condition can greatly help by reducing stress and improving your health outside of the pathology itself and creates a better tolerance level for medical procedures and therapies.

The Bottom Line

With all the benefits of massage therapy, people who wish to treat specific medical conditions will need to have massages more frequently than people who choose massage therapies for general wellness.

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