With White Fillings Smile Confidently!

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With White Fillings Smile Confidently!

Tooth decay is one of the most troublesome and common dental conditions. To treat small areas of decay, the dentist uses dark filings made of a mixture of metals in the past to prevent the teeth from further damage. They were conspicuous and gave an unnatural look to the patients.

However today we have many options when it comes to treating cavities or preserving our natural appearance and smile. The white fillings are the best option when compared to the metal counterparts. These tooth coloured fillings done by dentist in Parramatta provide a natural look and cover off the holes in the teeth. With no metals used, there is no glint in your smile.

How Are White Fillings Placed?

Restoring your teeth with white filling is a very comfortable and quick procedure. The dentist in Parramatta will first clean your decayed tooth and remove the dead portions. Then the tooth coloured composite will be placed in your tooth in layers, one layer at a time and left to harden. Fillings once completed will be shaped and polished.

Here is a look at the benefit of white fillings over traditional ones.


One of the obvious benefits of choosing white fillings at dental clinic in Parramatta is that they give your teeth a natural look.

  • The composite which is filled in the teeth is almost the same colour as your teeth.
  • They also offer the same strength as the silver or amalgam filing does.
  • They also support your other natural teeth this is because we do not drill out excessive tooth material as we do for metal fillings. This makes further restoration easier.
  • Because they are not made of metal, they don’t shine or wink.

They Do Not Crack:

The most common complaint received from people who had metal filing is that they crack easily. This is because the metal filling tends to expand and contract when exposed to extreme cold or heat. The problem arises when you take a hot drink and suddenly take a cold glass of water. This sudden change in temperature causes the metal to crack.

While the white fillings, as they are made of plastic and resin they are resistant to temperature changes and offer a level of insulation that the metal filling does not provide. The white filling is more durable than the metal ones and also preserves natural tooth structure. The composite material binds directly to the surface of the tooth, like an adhesive. This adds strength to the weekend tooth and prevents it from breaking further.


The white fillings can be used for various dental procedures other than just filling cavities. They are used in cosmetic improvements such as changing the colour or shape of a tooth. They can also be used to shape a broken tooth.

Yes, treating a cavity no longer require dark metal fillings. With their natural tone, and shape, the white filings are done by the Parramatta dentist to protect and repair damaged teeth, preserving your beautiful smile.

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