Must-Haves for Cleaning Teeth with Braces

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Must-Haves for Cleaning Teeth with Braces

A beautiful smile is a sign to show the outside world your inner beauty. With successful orthodontic treatment, you can get a lot more than you think. Orthodontic treatment is a biological process involving changes in facial bones, soft tissues, and jaw bone. In this procedure, the teeth are moved into their new positions. There are some Must-haves to clean your teeth with braces.

To go:

Patients with any type of orthodontic appliance must clean their teeth multiple times a day. Every time you eat you should ensure no food particles get stuck in your teeth or in-between the aligner and the tooth. You need to freshen up and do favours to your teeth as the braces can hold food particles between them, which can attract microorganisms. You should clean your mouth thoroughly especially when you are in orthodontic treatment. With proper care, you will be rewarded with a beautiful and healthy smile once the treatment wraps up!

A Toothbrush:

Brushing removes food and plaque that will stop you keeping your teeth healthy. Having a travel toothbrush with you everywhere you go for a meal will help. If you feel your aligners need a clean, visit dentist Parramatta and they will do it for you.


After drinking or eating any sugary or acidic food or beverages, clean your mouth with water. Swish water around your mouth to get rid of any traces of food particles. Water will help decrease the decay-causing acidity in your mouth. Though water rinsing is not as perfect as brushing, it is much better than allowing food left out to remain on or in between teeth.

An Interproximal Brush:

It is a tiny and easy to carry remarkable little tool used to take away the stuck food around the brackets, between teeth and arch wires. Dentist Parramatta suggest this as it is effective at attacking plaque. Continuing to use this great tool, will help you get a lot of appreciation for maintaining a clean mouth throughout your orthodontic treatment.


Cleaning the spaces between the arch wires and teeth and in between teeth and under the gum line is very important. Floss regularly at least once in a day.


Go for the toothpaste your Parramatta dentist suggests. He will know better what fits you!

The best orthodontic treatment will give you such a bright smile and future at the end. But it requires regular monitoring in order to ensure the treatment is on the course. A regularly scheduled visit to Parramatta dental clinic is an opportunity to intervene promptly.

Working closely with the orthodontist can yield life-enhancing results, improved appearance, better functioning, and increased self-esteem. Keep your scheduled appointments as advised by the dentist Parramatta.

Watch out what you eat and drink. Try avoiding sugary drinks as much as possible, even if you have some, try to clean your mouth thoroughly as discussed above.

Trust us. It’s worth the effort you put in to reach the goal!

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