Teach Your Kids the Value of Self-Regulation

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Teach Your Kids the Value of Self-Regulation

Like adults, children benefit from learning about self-regulation. Hence, teaching kids about how to change how alert they feel will help ensure that your kids have the essential self-regulation skills to manage future stressors in healthy and effective ways. Taking a self-regulation program online  will help your kid to grow, play and learn more easily. Self-regulation courses allow kids to make healthy and meaningful choices that encourage growth, connection, expression, and stability.

Children are new to events and experiences in life and sometimes may express their distress in different ways such as crying or withdrawing from everyday interactions. Self-regulation programs help enable people to understand their feelings and sensory issues.

Tips to Develop Self-regulation

Did you know all children learn to self-regulate in many ways, including watching adults? Parents are therefore important models for their children in their day to day life. When children see parents effectively self-regulate their level of alertness, it helps them to learn how to manage their own level of alertness.

The Alert Program®, was created by occupational therapists, Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenberger, developed to teach children how to change how alert they feel and to teach adults how to support learning, attending, and positive behaviors. It is one of the best self-regulation program online courses and uses an Engine analogy. By using the engine analogy, children learn that, “your body is like a car engine, sometimes it runs on high, sometimes it runs on low, and sometimes it runs just right.”

The Approach

The approach of the Alert Program® is an easy-to-teach, practical program that shows parents, teachers, and therapists how to choose appropriate strategies and activities so children’s engines are running “just right.” Students learn what they can do at circle time or at homework time to attain an optimal state of alertness.

The Popularity

Over 20,000 parents, teachers, therapists, and administrators have been trained in using the Alert Program® world-wide since 1990. Thousands upon thousands more, who have not attended a training, have read the books, sung  the songs, or played games created by Williams and Shellenberger to support children’s self-regulation.

A growing number of administrators, teachers, and parents are reviewing the growing evidence and research on the Alert Program®, learning the importance of self-regulation, and understanding how it is the starting point for getting ready to learn. The Alert Program® helps children and adults to learn what they can do to change how alert they feel at school and home and in their communities.

TherapyWorks, Inc. is an AOTA Approved Provider and with research on the Alert Program® it is found to be effective in helping children to “self-regulate, change tasks, organize themselves, cope with sensory challenges, and focus on tasks in the classroom.”

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