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Adi – Vyadi

All chronic, long standing and functional derangements or ailments are invariably associated with definite abnormal conditions in the mechanism, tissues and organs of the body. Disease is only being dis and ease, i.e., not at ease. It is the result of a violation of some laws of nature. Nature wants every one to be healthy and strong. If you are weak it indicates that your organs or the various cells of your body are not functioning properly. Remove the cause of the disease. Do not play with the symptoms of disease. It is much more simple to prevent than cure.

You must treat the cause of any disease. This is the rational method of treatment of any disease or impaired health. There is no use in suppressing the symptoms. If the root-cause is not use eradicated, and if the symptoms are suppressed for the time-being, the disease will assume and aggravated chronic form. The only rational method of treatment is that which takes into consideration the causes and directs all its efforts towards the restoration of normal functions throughout the system.

Nature does everything. Medicines help nature in the recuperative work and the regenerative or constructive process in the bodily mechanism. By injudicious treatment a doctor may do much harm to the patient. Nature’s healing may be interfered with or retarded by drugs. Therefore live rationally.

Sri Vasishta said: “Now listen, O Rama, as to the manner in which the two forms of disease, primary and secondary, perish in two ways. The wise say that primary disease has two sub-divisions into the Samanya (ordinary) and the Sara (essential). The former includes the diseases incidental to the body, while the latter the rebirth men are subject to. If the diseases which afflict the body return to their primal source, then they are destroyed. Their primary causes being (bad) thoughts, if these thoughts are destroyed, all bodily diseases will vanish. But the disease of rebirth, coming under the head of Sara, will never perish except through Atma Jnana. Is it possible to suppose that the misconception of a serpernt in a rope will be removed except through the discovery of the real rope? But these grievous diseases of the body, which do not arise through the oriinal cause can be extirpated through Mantras, medicine and the many means proposed by men will-versed in medical lore. I need not expatiate upon this subject any further here”.

Here Rama asked Vasishta how mental diseases arise and how they are destroyed. Vasishata thus proceeded : “When the fixed Manas is agitated, then this body also follows in its wake. And when the body is agitaed, then there is no proper perception of things that are in one’s way,and Prana flies from its proper road like an animal hit by, and reeling under the wound of, an arrow. Through such an agitation Prana instead of pervading the whole body steadily and equally, will vibrate everywhere at an unequal rate Thereby the Nadis will not maintain a steady position (like electric wires), but will quiver. The food which settles formed into incurable diseases. Thus through the primary cause (of the mind) is the disease of the body generated. If this primary cause be annihilated at its root, then all diseases will be destroyed.

Now hear the path by which diseases may be removed by the uttering of Mantras. Like base gold which, when placed in the crucible, is transmuted through alchemical process into pure gold, the mind is unfailingly rendered pure through true, virtuous and pure actions and through dependence upon the wise. In the mind purified thus, there will thrill unalloyed bliss. Is not the whole world exhilarated with joy when the soft and delicious moon begins to shed its silvery light on it? If the mind becomes purified with the true Sattawa Guna, then Prana Vayu will begin to circulate freely throughout the body, the food taken will be digested properly, and hence no diseases will arise. I have thus described to you the path through which can be destroyed the two kinds of diseases”.

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